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Republicans at the UN Climate Talks are pushing for Nuclear, Gas, and Carbon Capture

Rep.  Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) smiles as he speaks at the annual Republican Jewish Coalition in The Venetian Las Vegas.

Figure: Ethan Miller (Getty Images)

GLASGOW, SCOTLAND – The Republican weather representatives has arrived at Glasgow climate negotiations. When 100,000 demonstrations took to the streets to they want a big, flexible change, Rep. Dan Crenshaw of Texas, Rep. Garret Graves of Louisiana, and Rep. John Curtis of Utah entered the conference hall where negotiators are preparing a climate agreement.

Their appearance does not change, though they are mature. Instead of extracting air by creating more renewable energy, the group exports more and more American natural gas and puts cheaper nuclear energy and unconventional ventilation technology as needed to tackle the climate crisis.

Earther met the group as they roamed the national circles where countries consult with experts and show their views on the weather. Crenshaw paused once to take a picture of the priesthood of art with polar bears wearing vests at the stadium in Tuvalu, an island nation that is expected to end due to rising sea levels, before a meeting in a Danish stadium. We were able to meet him later.

“As Republican delegates here, I can say a lot [we’re here] Asked about the answers the team came up with to promote them, he said, including nuclear energy, including modular modular reactors, carbon capture, and Texas natural gas. ” gas emissions, boosting gas emissions from the US, which could emit coal from around the world and have more energy to reduce emissions than, frankly, the goals being discussed here. That’s why Republicans prefer this kind of answer because it really works. ”

The goals of these roles, however, are in a constant state of flux, plus how well they work. Let us start with nuclear power, which is one of the most important sources of renewable energy. Many plants in the US are on the verge of retirement. In New York, Indian Point closed this year, while I was in Illinois, a state government recently supported old nuclear weapons to save it online, I highlight two very different options available.

New nuclear power plants, however, have proven to be very difficult to produce. Currently there is only one building under construction in the US, the Vogtle Nuclear Plant, which is many years old and is here now. doubling its initial value. Investing in nuclear weapons is one way to reduce carbon emissions, but the crisis in Vogtle shows that it is not a trivial matter or that enough nuclear power can come online at the time it is needed.

Recording and storage, or CCS, has so far become a failed pipedream. This includes shuttering of Location of Petra Nova in Crenshaw, Texas earlier this year because it was expensive and inefficient. (Carbon dioxide was also used to produce more fuel, which was less effective during the season.) Crenshaw called it a “experimental project,” which in itself says a lot about the condition of the CCS. This is not to say that it is not a good investment, and in fact, it could buy global time to reduce emissions. But it is not a silver bullet or a large plank in the competition to decarbonize the power system.

Then there is the gas thing. Gas is better than coal, yes. But it still produces methane. Even Texas “white” gas causes weather problems, and methane air escape which causes the earth to heat up 80 times faster than carbon dioxide.

A major report from the International Energy Agency, created after the 1970s oil crisis and is not a granola-and-hemp-loving group, released earlier this year he found that new oil and gas exploration should be halted next year. Crenshaw said he did not see the report, but “never could.”

Meanwhile, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change said to 1.5-Celsius degrees (2.7-degree-Fahrenheit) purpose found oil and gas activity should decrease by 37% and 25% by 2030. Crenshaw also said that the Texas power outage showed the need for more natural gas and the risk of relying on fossil fuels. (Peer-reviewed science has found that power outages are a threat to natural gas.)

“There was an argument that was made as, ‘oh, Republicans say wind turbines have frozen,” he said. “Perhaps others have said that. I didn’t say that. There was a meme that said this online. “

Yes, there was a interrupted the meme. When Crenshaw did not share the meme, he said tweet ulusi about why the Texas grid failed, starting with “Frozen Wind Turbines” and that they would be investigating what happened “so we don’t rely on ice machines to heat our homes in the event of a storm.” Again, this is not something that scientists who study the dynamics of energy have found that it is the cause of suffering.

The Republican vision for intelligence on UN negotiations, then, continues to depend on fossil fuels. and other CCS and nuclear bells and whistles which, while money is very important, are not enough to keep the tides afloat. swallowing places like Tuvalu.

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