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Report: Russia ‘probably’ continued to contact US US counterfeiters after SolarWinds robbery


What Russia says is doing well is SolarWinds hack it probably would not have happened because US corporations and companies have stepped up their security. CNN sources A source close to the study says that Russia’s SVR “probably” still has a chance to connect with Americans despite efforts to close down more. The attackers are still “very outside,” said one colleague.

Assistant National Security Adviser Anne Neuberger he did not plead guilty CNN he asked, but he said not Blame SVR he had to “make [Russia’s] calculus “at the price of hacks. The US did not protect Russia with a single thing, the adviser said.

The continued presence on the American network is historically consistent. Russia continued to wreak havoc on cyber attacks against the US after the Obama administration restrictions at the end of 2016, follow andale and other trends between 2018 midterms and beyond. Even if the US removed Russia from power, there was a chance that it could find another security hole.

If the report is accurate, it clearly shows how difficult it can be for you to win the victory against the threats that the government promotes. Even a major response at conferences like the SolarWinds scam was clearly not enough to chase the participants. The US will not find relief for a long, long time to come.

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