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Reddit ‘redesigned’ its block form so blocking works

Reddit is its block form that blocking on Reddit works like other platforms. By default, blocking a user on Reddit will not only prevent the person’s posts from appearing, but will also prevent them from viewing or interacting with your posts.

This may sound logical, but so far, blocking on Reddit has been as “speechless” because it only did one job. This made the session especially interesting useless for people who are experiencing abuse or other abuse such as blocking has done nothing to prevent the person from associating with your notes.


Now, when a banned person encounters a user’s notes or comments, those posts appear to have been deleted. Profiles will no longer be possible if the user is banned. (except with supervisors, who may be able to do so from users who have been banned if they appear in the subreddit that they direct.)

On the other hand, Reddit is changing the way closed users are visible to the people who created the block to better protect them from harassment. Now, those who have blocked someone should be able to see what they have written, even if the content on the page will appear to have fallen randomly. Reddit says it is keeping these posts up to date so users can continue to use the content on the site and keep track of what might happen.

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