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Recent updates: China seeks to tighten cyber surveillance for Hong Kong companies IPOs

What you can see in Asia today

Details: The Japanese prime minister’s office is expected to issue a press release on July-September. Industrial monthly production is also on the list. Beijing will provide monthly sales statistics for the country as well as manufacturing. IHS Markit releases information on Chinese businesses.

Events: US Secretary of State Katherine Tai is expected to begin her tour of Japan. The eighth Milken Institute conference in Asia is opening as a mixed and personal event in Singapore.

Results: Japan’s Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group and Recruit Holdings will launch their operations in the second quarter.

China wants to tighten cyber surveillance for Hong Kong IPOs companies

The Cyberspace Administration of China issued a lawsuit Sunday that would require businesses to review cyber security before going public in Hong Kong if it could affect national security, and threatened recent changes as internet companies seek to register in the region.

A powerful information officer launched an investigation into Didi Chuxing for data breach two days after he first paid $ 4.4bn to the New York Stock Exchange in June, to dispel the pride that had been in the past. company to stop registration new users during the search.

After the move, CAC he said in July it will tighten regulations for companies wishing to sell shares overseas, and issue regulations requiring companies with their user data of more than 1m to monitor security. However, the guidelines did not specify whether the requirements apply to the Hong Kong list.

The ordinance is the first time Beijing has stated that certain lists in the region will be screened for cyber security but failed to specify the requirements for this additional assessment.

International banks rushed in the summer to lead the IPO of Chinese corporations in Hong Kong, which is seen as a politically legitimate place in Beijing for professional companies looking for opportunities to access global financial markets.

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Yellen says inflation in the US will remain high until the Covid-19 epidemic is controlled

U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said reforming the Covid-19 was important in reducing inflation, as Joe Biden’s executives sought to curb inflation that would bring about a return on investment and a Presidential policy.

“The epidemic has been a major factor in economic growth and rising prices,” Yellen told CBS. Look at the Worldn program. “And if we want to reduce inflation, I think continuing to make progress in the fight against the epidemic is the most important thing we can do.”

Fighting inflation has been the goal of Biden’s economic group. Last week, the U.S. consumer price index gained 6.2 percent in October from last year, the fastest increase since 1990.

Yellen said many employees remain aware of the dangers of contracting the virus in their workplace, and cited changes from consumers that are linked to closures as well as new ways of working.

But he added that he expects the price of fuel such as used cars for fuel to fall by the second half of next year, should the epidemic end.

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Airbus makes a lot of money from the cheapest businessman Franke

Airbus has received $ 255 billion in one-way flights from former airline businessman Bill Franke, a deal that confirms what the airline has said the business is about to start again from the epidemic.

The deal was unveiled at Dubai Airshow on Sunday with a single A321neo package to deliver the cheapest flights with the help of Franke’s Indigo Partners, including Wizz Air Europe and Frontier US.

The law is a sign that low-cost, slow-moving aircraft are returning quickly due to the epidemic, and it comes at a time when Franke is deploying its aircraft to help disrupt the industry.

“This law reaffirms our commitment to aviation that is growing steadily over the next decade,” he said.

The US Private Equity Executive is considered one of the best performers very successful pilots in history. He has bought goods in the category of cheap airlines and encouraged growth by reducing costs and focusing on growing markets such as Eastern Europe.

Wizz Air, which receives 102 flights, has promised to use the epidemic to spread to Europe and beyond. It made it unsuccessful bid for Britain’s EasyJet this year.

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