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Recent Coronavirus: WHO has modified Covid-19 to prevent ‘stigma’

Brazil Monday he intervened to receive the Copa America football competition, despite having one of the world’s biggest problems and suffering from three diseases. The announcement came after a joint venture between Argentina and Colombia. The competition should start within a few weeks.

UK selling money on machines as well as in information technology and communication increased 3.2% in the first quarter of 2021 compared to the last quarter of 2019 – the last three months before the epidemic, according to Office of National Statistics data. Total assets at the same time fell 4.8%.

Indian steel an additional 1.6 percent Every year between January and March, the signal economic situation was he is recovering slowly before the world was hit by the second wave of coronavirus infection in April. This growth followed an increase of 0.5% year-on-year between October and December.

The OECD said the global release did so rising 5.8 percent this year in a major change from a forecast of 4.2 percent made in December. A 4.4% growth next year could bring global epidemic momentum, he added. However, the OECD also warned that recovery would not be the same.

Qantas flights parked at Melbourne International Airport © Reuters

Australia Qantas Airways is providing cheap flights and waiting for unlimited flights for customers who have taken jov Covid-19. Qan

A vaccine developed by Oxford University and developed by AstraZeneca had looked like a silver bullet in the fight against Covid-19: cheap, efficient and easy to carry. But now there is doubt, and a horrible need for evil occurs, compared to its competitors, performance against new species from India and South Africa.

The UK government is on the verge of a strike a £ 1bn saving deal of Transport in London – the fourth in a year – as it has to accept the minimum, cut the budget faster find new ways to earn money. If signed, air traffic controllers have received $ 4.9bn in emergency funding since the outbreak began.

The European Medicines Agency has permissible to use of BioNTech / Pfizer vaccine for young people between the ages of 12 and 15, paving the way for EU countries to vaccination for school-age children. The approval expands the EU-German vaccination permit and works in unison.

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