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Recent Coronavirus: Canada bans flights from India and Pakistan on various occasions


Snap CEO Evan Spiegel said the reduction in coronavirus closure facilitates communication on a platform where users are highly connected, with the company recording results from the first quarter.

Sales at Snap, the parent of the Snapchat messaging program, rose 66% year-on-year to $ 770m in the first quarter of last year, which hit researchers with $ 742m, it said Thursday. Daily users reach 280m, up to 22 percent.

“We are optimistic about the events we are witnessing as the world begins to open up,” Spiegel said, adding that as restrictions were eased in the US in February, the company saw a “change zone” where users posted a short video of their lives and used the section. of his Map to share where they are and their activities.

“Recently, we’ve seen the rise of new relationships and two-way communication on Snapchat by the end of March as people have started socializing in multiple groups,” he added.

These exciting results have benefited from a secret delay in Apple’s iOS 14 update, which will prevent developers from taking iPhone users without explicit permission on the expected bombshell in the online marketplace.

The changes are expected to begin by the end of last year, but will arrive next week. Snap, who analyzed non-discriminatory measures according to a Financial Times report, said it was “still unknown” what the temporary changes might be.

The company increased its revenue by an average of 80 to 85% in the second half of the year despite the change – though it comes from the ground up after the epidemic squeezed Snap’s advertising customers in the second half of 2020.

After a difficult 2019, Snap has started to improve, increasing revenue for its upgrades and offering advertisers pay. In March, Spiegel told a conference that the company had previously predicted at least 50% of its earnings to be based on potential growth despite an increase in user numbers or activity.


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