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Recent Coronavirus: Amazon cuts Prime Day sales to Canada and India due to an explosion


Angela Merkel said opposed the petition to suspend intellectual property rights Covid-19 vaccine. The German Chancellor said that what hinders human access is the invention and the higher standards, not the patents. “Skills protection is a source of innovation and should remain so in the future,” he said.

Brazil can launch its presence in the Coronavac jab quickly next week due to a shortage of essential ingredients from China. “Our view is that there are problems, offices are slowing down more than ever with very few permits,” said Dimas Covas, head of the Butantan Institute which is developing the vaccine in the country.

French President Emmanuel Macron has stated that support for temporary suspension of patent protection coronavirus vaccine. “I’m very excited to open these specialists. I called it a year ago,” Macron said. He emphasized, however, that some of the more expensive and legal alternatives could hinder the rapid increase in global vaccination.

Russia agrees to use a One Sputnik V vaccine a step that should increase its availability. Injecting the first injection of only two drugs showed a potency of 79.4% of the Russian population surveyed between December and August, the manufacturer said.

New job creation jobs in the US collapsed less than 500,000 until the new epidemic season last week. The labor department also reported that the first 498,000 unemployed were redundant, compared with 590,000 last week. This was a bigger fall than expected, with economists looking for 540,000 complaints each week.

Regeneron wrote a A 38 percent increase in revenue from the start of the quarter while sales of its Covid-19 product reached $ 262m. The New York-based company said revenue rose to $ 2.5bn in the first three months of the year, up from $ 1.8bn a quarter a year ago.

Moderna recorded her first benefit each month and sold a Covid-19 vaccine for $ 1.7 million for the first three months for the year. The manufacturer said the total cost was $ 1.9bn in the first quarter when it sold 102m units of coronavirus vaccine. It also reported revenue of $ 1.2bn compared to a loss of $ 124m in the same period last year.


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