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Read the best-selling books in 15 minutes with Blinkist

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Each year, we tell ourselves that we need to read more. Maybe we will open the book we were given a few months ago. Maybe carrying the best seller on Amazon in the end will get us used to it. And, the list of counts continues to grow.

In the midst of your professional and personal life, there is not enough time to act wisely. That’s where Blinkist comes in handy. The app contains melting ideas from thousands of best-selling books, so you have time to read each day when you are busy. In the meantime, you can – then a discount of $ 285.

Blinkist recognizes great ideas from popular podcasts and junk books and moves them to melt, 15-minute notes and audio files. You can read or listen to over 4,500 short-selling headlines from your growth to psychology. This subscription gives you unlimited access to the Blinkist library, plus 70 new titles that are added each month.

Blinkist is not just retrieving information from popular podcasts. The 15-minute sessions are made by the original creators, which is why you don’t miss out on any information that the creators wanted you to learn. This personal touch continues as the ideas and organized contributions made by the psychologists. You can also review your favorite passages in the future, and you can add your favorite titles or plan to read later in your library.

Blinkist has a network of 18 million users, and you can join them here to enjoy sticky, useful podcasts and unpublished books that you can edit in 15 minutes. Blinkist Premium is $ 16 per month, or $ 384 for two years, but you can, or 73% discount, is limited.

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