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RE: WIRED 2021: Prince Harry Says “Warned” Jack Dorsey Before Capitol Conflict

Prince Harry, and The Duke of Sussex, revealed at the RE: WIRED conference today that he sent an email to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey earlier. Capitol riots on January 6th to warn him that “his tower was about to overthrow the government. The email was sent the day before and it happened and since then I have never heard of it. “

Twitter declined to comment. But the incident shows that the President of Sussex is taking a false step and distorting the media. To him, it is personal. “I learned from an early age that the pressures of life are not always the same as those of the truth,” he said, mainly because publishers in the United Kingdom tend to confuse profit with purpose. “They have effectively turned the tide of gossip into harmful gossip,” he added. “I know this story very well. My mother died because of poor self-discipline, and I am determined not to lose her mother as a result. ”

Harry spoke as part of a false group, led by WIRED’s Editor-at-Large Steven Levy and Renée DiResta, Technical Research Manager at Stanford Internet Observatory and Rashad Robinson, Co-Chair at the Aspen Commission on Information Disorder and President of Color Of Change.

How did the original internet concept of truth and democracy be distorted? And how can we straighten out the whole thing?

DiResta explains: “False information has. “The difference now is the spread, the spread of the disease, and the individual’s role in transmitting the message from one community to another.” This pervasiveness of personal knowledge has led to the creation of what DiResta calls, “real-life, real-life, and intellectual, social events.”

The visual effects like this are particularly dangerous to “ampliganda,” the term DiResta was designed to capture the way social media has transformed users not only producers, but also publishers. Instead, this often leads to an exaggeration that irritates us “because that’s what is pushed into our diets.”

Commenting on the social consequences of the incident, Robinson added, “The reality is that inequality, injustice, all of these things are not as tragic as the car accident. It is part of the design.” According to Robinson, these platforms benefit from hatred and fear. it helped to spread the word about the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests as well as to advance voters’ campaign against last year’s elections. He explained, “We have self-regulatory companies and self-regulatory companies are companies not regulated by law.”

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