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RE: WIRED 2021: Neal Stephenson on Construction and Repairs Worldwide

Neal Stephenson ali there is no problem for science to be right in its top-selling sci-fi companies, which only focus on how people can respond to new technologies that inspire the world. But sometimes his assumptions are not confirmed by what happens when real people face a real apocalypse.

“The idea that we could have a pandemic, which has now killed twice as many Americans who died in World War II, and in a very short time, however, the population is still high. A world that doesn’t think it’s real,” Stephenson told reporters Rogers today RE: WIRID. “Even after Trump and everything else, I did not see this coming.”

“Then I look at climate change – climate change is so far-fetched, vague and difficult to understand the concept of science, even for scientists,” continued Stephenson, whose 17th book. Eliminate Shock will come out next week and is struggling with the topic of global warming. After seeing the public disagreement on Covid-19, Stephenson sees no reason to expect the same from climate change. “The consequences are far-reaching, and it is less obvious than having a friend or neighbor or loved one get sick or die from the disease,” he said. “You have to be real, which means he has no hope.”

In his new book, Stephenson compares the world tending to the weather, in which the billions of oil producers do their own thing – by making the world’s largest firing bomb in the atmosphere, trying to make solar geoengineering to reflect sunlight. . It is a process that some scientists (unthinkable!) Believe they can to cool the world, saving human lives, biodiversity, and, possibly, the most vulnerable areas in Texas.

“The program is already as a it’s happened, ”Stephenson commented on the origin of the book. “So many of these books are about how people all over the world, from different countries and different backgrounds do what this person does.”

It was necessary for Stephenson to write about the weather. “Nothing compares. It will be a story for 100 years, “he told Rogers in the past in a WIRED interview. “I ‘m the person who found a pamphlet on the subject of technical and scientific fiction. It seemed absurd to me to get to the end of my career without doing anything.”

Another billionaire hit Stephenson as a way out, he told RE: WIRED audience. “We have entered a wonderful place where things work in our community, where billions are the answer to everything,” he said. “Fifty years ago, if something needed to happen, we would look to the government, or we would look to the private sector.”

Rogers saw solar geoengineering as a controversial idea, and asked Stephenson if it was a “big vision,” something that in 2011 WIRED piece the author criticized the sci-fi writers missing to give. “It could be,” Stephenson replied.

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