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Rally in Baghdad on the anniversary of the death of an Iranian military chief

BAGHDAD (AP) – Singing anti-American rhetoric, hundreds of people gathered in the Iraqi capital on Saturday to commemorate the assassination of a powerful Iranian military chief and Iraqi army chief in a US air strike.

Crowds called for the expulsion of American troops left in Iraq during a commemoration of the plane crash at Baghdad airport. The boycott killed Gen. Qassim Soleimani, a former commander of Iran’s top Quds militia, and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, a former deputy commander of Iran-backed militants in Iraq known as the Popular Mobilization Forces.

“We will not allow you to remain in the land of martyrs today,” some of the posters read. American and Israeli flags had been smashed to the ground, people trampling on them.

The assassination of Solomon and al-Muhandis at Baghdad airport brought Iran and the United States closer to all conflicts and sparked outrage in Iraq, prompting parliament to issue a non-binding ruling a few days later for the deportation of foreign troops. Iraq.

The US-led coalition has ended its war effort supporting Iraqi forces in the ongoing war against the Islamic State group in late December. An additional 2,500 troops remain in the foreseeable future, however, in order to continue supporting Iraqi forces in technical matters. Some terrorist leaders are urging the US military to withdraw.

“We will not accept anything but retaliation as revenge for the blood of our martyrs,” said Hadi al-Ameri, head of Iran’s alliance.

Shiite militiamen belonging to Iran were sent from various parts of Iraq to a meeting in Jadriyah, near the headquarters of the armed forces.

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