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RadioShack is developing a cryptocurrency exchange

RadioShack – yes, that RadioShack, which used to sell electronics – is now a crypto business. The company filed due to bankruptcy return in 2015 after 11 quarter non-profit consecutive, bringing it almost 100 years to the end. After that, the old-fashioned rights to retail chain were for sale several times until purchased by Retail Ecommerce Ventures Review (REV). If you visit RadioShack website in the meantime, you will see the flag talking about its new mission to bring cryptocurrency to the masses. You will also see a subscription section to be notified once you start its RADIO signal.

Monga CNET and Tom’s Hardware to explain, RadioShack is developing a Decentralized Finance environment based on the Atlas USV (Universal Store of Value) protocol. Atlas was made up of Alex Mehr and Tai Lopez, who are also the two behind the REV. DeFi’s natural radioShack will start with a decentralized exchange, which the company describes as “low-hanging fruit that has a chance” on its website. Upon arrival, DeFi exchanges will allow users to send cryptocurrency directly to each other instead of using an exchange service like Coinbase.

Based on the information published on the RadioShack page, REV expects the “100th anniversary” to be fully integrated into the “global knowledge” to promote the adoption of crypto. I hope RadioShack could be the gateway to big companies like Starbucks and Louis Vuitton to be blockchain companies. It’s an elevated target, especially for a brand that has declared itself degraded twice within a few years. If you want to read RadioShack’s REV plans, you can view his project documentation. his page.

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