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Problems Recognized Optimized Programs Used to Recognize Recipients Lack Benefits

The face recognition system used by 22 US states Reducing unemployment fraud has failed to identify recipients, causing more people to be beaten or to order their programs, Women’s box reports.

Recipients are sharing complaints online for months about the verification program, but angry cooked this week in response Axios letter of risk fraud unemployment based on the statistics that

The system uses biometric data and validated documents to authenticate users. However, several job applicants told the Motherboard that face identifiers have failed to recognize them, and have had difficulty contacting agents to resolve the issue. Their application was suspended for now, forcing those who are eligible to benefit to wait days or weeks to be able to contact the “trustworthy judge” to confirm who they are. Some who tried several times to pass facial recognition tests found themselves out of the system. CEO Blake Hall told Motherboard and other retailers that the algorithms behind Face Match’s technology are “99.9% effective.” In many cases, modern facial expressions have repeatedly proven to be far from accurate people of color. But Hall said is not bothered by the issue: The company’s review found no “link between skin and Match Match failure on a 1: 1 basis,” he said.

Which could lead to the issues being reported, Hall says user errors can be misleading. “For example, if someone downloads a selfie that only shows half his face,” he told Motherboard. This can make the face recognition program difficult to recognize.

In his remarks, Hall added that the company did not know the “right people” who could not confirm what they were. People who failed to try to identify the face of the were not detained, he continued, and he can confirm who he is through video interviews, which he says the waiting time is “less than five minutes and has been going on for 30 minutes all week.”

However, many people have taken go to Twitter to say the least. Many have complained that their emails, phone calls, and phone calls have not been answered for weeks or months. Earlier this year, the beneficiaries benefited in Colorado who had no difficulty in identifying who they were before reaching the public service department before applying for said they were suddenly rejected under the new system and went a few months before receiving it. Similar stories have made headlines in Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and elsewhere.

Unemployment rates have skyrocketed in the wake of the coronavirus epidemic, which has multiplied many government offices and pushed their old machines back broken points last year. As a result, others say also noted the temporary rise of fraudulent laws last spring, and Department of Labor said in February it identified $ 5.4 billion in fraudulent payments for activities that took place between March and October last year. I’m still far from the comparison of Hall, who claims that about half of US unemployment payments during the epidemic, about $ 400 billion, were false.

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