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President’s success puts Iran’s mature readers in control

After Ebrahim Raisi first challenged his candidacy for Iran’s presidency in 2017, the self-styled religious leader lost his chance, failing to win over voters who pledged their hope in a nuclear deal to open up the country.

Four years later, the collapse of the agreement signed by Iran with world powers, the economic crisis caused by US sanctions, disenfranchised voters and the government’s determination to remain active gave him a chance. Choice with 62 percent of the vote.

But for many inside and outside the party, his success is a sign of great success.

More than half of voters chose not to vote on what the reformers said was a matter of disobedience to the common people. 48.8% turnout was the lowest in the history of the Islamic Republic, and 3.7m people chose to abolish their votes, more than those who voted for one of the President’s former enemies.

“The message of the election is that the opposition party is much bigger than the President’s supporters,” said Hossein Yazdi, a freedom fighter.

Many of those who live far away from the polling stations think that the results were pre-determined after government officials barred reformers from standing. Many people think that the President, the Chief Justice, is backed by Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the chief, hardworking candidate for the re-election of all key branches in the country for the first time in almost a decade.

Investigators said the President’s success increased his chances of succeeding 82-year-old Khamenei if the death of a senior leader. But only after they have been able to overcome the challenges they are facing – the economy plagued by sanctions and coronaviruses, as well as a developed group at risk of conflict.

A woman voted in Iran’s presidential election Turnout is the lowest in Islamic Republic history, and 3.7m people voted to abstain from voting © Yasser Al Zayyat / AFP via Getty Images

His supporters hope to end the conflict that has plagued the government for the second and final term of President Hassan Rouhani, which ended in August. Unity within the theocracy, with its opposing forces, as well as good succession seems to be essential for Khamenei. These targets have grown significantly as the Republic has endured the most difficult period since the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s.

“One nation, one team, one goal,” was one of the President’s nominations.

“I trust the President because it is 100% in line with the leadership,” said the interior secretary. “Parliament, the leadership, the courts – they should all be in line to do better.”

A contributing factor to Iran’s recent crisis was Donald Trump’s idea to pull the US out of the nuclear deal. He ruled the Republic and others including the President, which prevented Iran from extracting oil and investing in the economy.

The uprising strengthened the bravery and shattered the dreams of the 24 Iranians who voted for Rouhani in 2017 and hoped that the nuclear deal would bring about change and prosperity.

Their frustration fell on the President. Its self-help group listens to its leaders vote, while reformers stay at home.

That is why even though he won the victory, he faced great hardships without the popular rule of those who led him.

“The president played a lost game. In the eyes of the people, right or wrong, his victory was foreordained, “said one reformer.” This makes people angry. ”

Some fear the brave will want to continue to oppress and oppress the pro-democracy.

“There is no doubt that there will be repression of people who follow democracy,” Yazdi said.

There have been many concerns about the rights of the President’s people. It now threatens to undermine its domestic and international blessing as Tehran negotiates with international powers to work to bring the US back to the nuclear deal and lift sanctions.

President Joe Biden has said he will return to the agreement if Iran follows the trade. But the new government will be led by a man accused by Trump officials of overseeing assassinations, “torture and ill-treatment of inmates” during his inauguration in 2019.

He is said to have been linked to the killing of thousands of political prisoners while he was a prosecutor in the late 1980’s. He did not respond at that time.

Born into a religious family, the President’s high-profile way became known five years ago when Khamenei named him the guardian of Imam Reza’s temple in his hometown of Mashhad, a powerful responsibility for the care of Iran’s holiest site.

People pass by election posters in Tehran. Investigators say Ebrahim Raisi’s victory increases his chances of replacing Ayatollah Ali Khamenei as chief executive © WANA via REUTERS

When Khamenei appointed him head of the judiciary, one of the strongest forces in power, in 2019, he used the post to launch an anti-corruption campaign that earned him praise, even though some of his opponents. Some, however, saw the move as a re-establishment of his political ambitions.

During the election, he did not give a few details, but said the most important ones were domestic. He tried to appeal to the Iranian people who had suffered financial hardship, sometimes in reference to their humble growth.

“I do not know poverty alone, I have tasted poverty,” were the words repeated.

He has only mentioned a short period of time on foreign law and few expect a major change, whether through Iran-US relations, to support foreign forces or to expand its diplomatic program.

Unlike Rouhani, the President met briefly abroad, and regional policies and major decisions are made by Khamenei.

Investigators add that he may not be more radical than Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nejad, Iran’s last president. His first time was marked by anti-US and Israeli anti-apartheid policies and high spending spending, which led to economic hardship.

But even lawmakers agree that the President is facing a daunting task.

“It is unlikely that the President’s statement will be similar to that of Ahmadi-Nejad and Rouhani [chaotic last years], ”Said Mohammad Mohajeri, a careful researcher. “Iran’s political boat is seriously shaken.”

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