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Post-epidemic gas emissions can threaten climate change targets


The program of plague recovery maybe not all good, maybe not natural. Reuters reports that the International Energy Agency has it was warned that the resumption of natural gas after the epidemic could threaten the goal of producing zero emissions globally by 2050. 2020 is declining but “even excessive growth,” according to the IEA.

Applications are expected to drop to 1.7% between 2022 and 2024, but this could be too low to follow suit, the IEA said.

This does not mean Union of Paris and some goals are not lost, however. The IEA believed that legal action was taking place before the outbreak could re-emerge. The commission also said that the gas industry could help reduce methane emissions, which contribute to climate change.

There are some good signs. Renewable energy is multiplying fat in other countries, and car manufacturers are very much committed all electrical configurations in the next few years. However, the IEA report provides urgency on these issues. People may need to quell their interest in re-creating culture and re-enlighten the green industry, if they are to avoid changing one global problem and another.

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