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Polaroid reveals its smallest camera

Polaroid has unveiled its smallest camera so far, and what he calls the world’s largest analog testing camera. Polaroid Go it is designed to be worn everywhere you go. It measures 4.1 inches, 3.3 inches wide and 2.4 inches long.

Polaroid Go features features such as selfie mirror, flash drive, dual display and independence. There is a counter that shows you several pictures that you can take before you take a movie. It has a 750mAh battery that gives you the opportunity to record up to 15 photo packs at a single price. The camera has a shutter speed of 1 / 125-30sec with f / 12 and f / 52, as well as a 34-mm length (35-mm equivalent).


A small camera needs video footage, and Polaroid has the form of Go film. It measures 2.623 x 2.122 inches (66.6 mm x 53.9 mm), with a resolution of 1.851 x 1.811 inches (47 mm x 46 mm). It takes 10-15 minutes to create the images.

Initially, Polaroid Go was only available in white paint. Pre-orders are opened and the camera will be available on April 27th. Price of Polaroid Go $ 100 and a two-pack Go color film, with 16 frames, and $ 20.

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