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An explosion at a medical facility in northern Illinois on Monday morning set ablaze a blaze that sent flames and heavy black smoke into the air and debris falling to the ground, leaving a fire that could burn for days.

At 7am local time (12:00 GMT), on Monday, paramedics rushed to the scene of a fire near Rockton, northwest of Chicago, by Chemtool Inc., a company that produces oil, oil and other liquids, and, according to the company, which produces the most oil in America.

Rockton Fire Department chief Kirk Wilson and an employee of Chemtool’s parent company, Lubrizol Corp, said about 70 workers had been evacuated from the plant, and two firefighters were slightly injured.

The prices were so high that they were being taken off the weather radar. Wilson said “there is no danger in space”.

Wilson said firefighters should stop using water to extinguish the fire to avoid “natural hazards” if the runoff enters the nearby Rock River.

It could be “a few days” after the hot water boils, he said.

“We can’t say how long it will take to put out the fire,” he said. “We ask people to be patient with us.”

Wilson said Tuesday a fire brigade arrived and was digging canals to protect Rock River from any losses. Pouring water was also placed on the river to stop the run.

84 firefighters responded – some were trying to control the fires, grass fires, and burning debris that the wind was blowing into the area. Wilson said the charges stemmed from burning cardboard pieces and pieces of wood, not chemicals falling from the sky.

Once the river is protected, firefighters can use foam to extinguish the burning oil. Wilson said there were half a million gallons to take a week to burn themselves.

Trisha Diduch, planning and development director for Rockton, said about 1,000 people were affected by the law.

There were no recent reports of injuries.

Alyssa King, who lives in a house less than a mile from the site, said she woke up to hear the doors slam shut.

“It woke me up. It shook the whole house, ”said King, who was at home with his 8-year-old daughter.

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