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Pfizer vaccine does not work against Delta changes, Israeli research has found


The BioNTech / Pfizer vaccine is less effective in preventing the spread of the Delta than in previous coronavirus infections, a study published by the Israeli Ministry of Health has revealed.

Most of the data collected last month shows that the vaccine is 64% effective in reducing infections among those with full injections, the ministry said. Efficacy against micro-organisms is estimated at 94 percent.

However, these statistics, first reported on the Ynet website, show that the vaccine is 93% effective in treating chronic illness and in the hospital.

The lawsuit has been pending since Israel lifted all remaining Covid-19 laws on June 1, with many experts blaming Delta’s reforms.

As of Monday the country had nearly 2,600 cases, more than double the previous week, although the ministry said only 35 were seriously ill.

Earlier this year British health officials also wrote a stop working of Pfizer jab against the Delta differences, though very difficult. Public Health England in May found that the vaccine protected 88% of Delta’s symptoms, and 93% against Alpha which was first identified in Kent. According to the study the protection provided by the two Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccines was 66% lower on the Delta range.

Israel has enjoyed one of the fastest cars in the world, which first came out in the spring. More than 5m of 9m citizens of Israel have been fully vaccinated.

The growing number of cases of concern to the Naftali Bennett government. The government last month also imposed a prerequisite for domestic and public transportation and is considering other restrictions, including the introduction of a “green passport” program for recipients, limits on general public meetings and booster “jabs.

The pressure to adopt young people, including the Prime Minister’s daughter, began last week and more than 100,000 received a jab.


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