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People Must Make Interspecies Money To Save The Planet

Serious failure of the digital age and so far removed from nature. Microchip has no ambient music, as well as computer computing. The networks are inclusive. This could represent a threat to life on earth. I believe we need to make a decision: Help us to expand our financial and economic downturns into online, or build digital in some way in a natural way.

Nature becomes more, greener. His song is not ours alone. We share this world with 8 million non-human species, yet we only consider how they move around the world. There is no way for wildlife, trees, or other species to introduce themselves to us online, or to express their interests. The only price that most of them have is the amount of their modified bodies. What they do not eat is forgotten, or perhaps even forgotten: only 2 million of them are scientifically documented.

Ten years will be the most devastating time in human history. It can also be very restorative. Non-human species could soon have a chance on the earth. I think the establishment of Medium Money. I’m not talking about Dogecoin, Shiba Inu’s dog meme that has become a $ 64 billion cryptocurrency (as of today). I’m talking about digital money that could allow hundreds of billions of dollars to be saved by other things just because they are alone and not living in the world. It is possible for them to spend digital money to improve their lives. Because the services they seek — recognition, security, shelter, food, and even pet care — are often provided by poor people in tropical areas, people’s lives will be changed.

Money is needed to divide the species. Who, I know. King Julien and a credit card. Flower pots mean the meaning of life. Give me a break. If money, as economists say, is a kind of memory, it is clear that the non-human races are not seen by the stock market because there is no money given to them. In order to protect some species, it is sometimes necessary, especially when dealing with humans, to give them economic opportunities. Orchid flowers, baobab tree, dugong, orangutan, even in the future a list of technological advances – all of which must be affordable.

We have the expertise to start making Interspecies Money now. Of course, it sometimes seems to me that the way of life (Gaia or not) produces the necessary tools to protect a difficult life at a time when it is most needed: fintech solutions in mobile phones, digital wallets, and cryptocurrencies, which have a Show that it is possible to deal with accurate and inexpensive micropayments; Cloud-based companies, which have shown a lot of volume can be stored and modified, even in countries that prefer to monitor; hardware, which has become smarter and cheaper. One-of-a-kind computers (Raspberry Pisces), camera traps, microphones, and other low-cost sensors, electronic and battery-powered systems, internet connection, walk-through robots, low-cost satellites, and the proliferation of mobile phones makes it a logical field-based approach to the market-based market.

The first requirement of Interspecies Money is to provide digital information of each animal, or herd, or breed (depending on size, population, and other characteristics). This can be done in a number of ways. Birds can be identified by noise, small insects, trees either. Most wildlife will be treated with visuals. Some can be seen all the time, some just see. For example, digital identity is missing Hirola antelope in Kenya and Somalia, of which there are only 500, will be made from photographs collected on mobile phones, camera traps, and drones by circuit overseers. Its identity is like digital twins, which legally and efficiently own the funds and broadcast them based on the activities that are required for a lifetime.

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