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People Are Playing Simulation Games in Google Maps


Fear begins to establish. Four other countries in its GeoGuessr run went well. Of course, so Gavin, better known as Chicago Geographer, was just a few minutes away. But the last government brings another problem.

He knows he is in a beautiful part of Utah, somewhere near Logan – symbolized by the city’s name on the blue cans on the street. This may seem obvious, but the areas can be difficult to deal with, with no special businesses or landmarks nearby. Chicago wants to be absolutely sure — he has come a long way, after all.

He just walks around the street, scrutinizing to hear everything. After what appears to be a permanent speeding speed (a few seconds in normal measurements), they stumble on a number of numbered symbols that signify a certain state road. He finds the intersection on the intersection map, clearing its path there. He gives his impression: outside a few houses on East Main Street in Wellsville, a small town a few miles from Logan but in the same province.

With the rush running in November, Chicago recorded a new record with the Perfect USA Speedrun in 4 minutes, 28.65 seconds. He was dropped from five places randomly around the United States. In less than five minutes, he tested everything correctly. The notes change almost every day, however.

On March 20, Chicago changed its world record by 15 seconds to 4: 13.80. Four days later, the Icn15 user approached the throne with a time of 4:28. Apollobo user time of 5:38 ranks third. There will be a lot of opponents — Chicago and a member of the developed GeoGuessr running team.

GeoGuessr is a website developed in support of 2013 by Swedish IT IT consultant Anton Wallen. You are placed, almost, in a fixed place around the world. GeoGuessr integrates with Google Street View, allowing you to search for nearby places to use information to find out where you really are. If it has a driveway near it, then it is fine.

Just imagine “everything” about 75 meters from where it was – it will get you 5,000. The average game lasts five times, which is why 25,000 make good games.

“I’m really excited about the game,” said Chicago Geographer in YouTube video showing its original history, which has filled nearly 80,000 since it was uploaded in November.

It’s ridiculous.

Possible World

Popular running games (as everything is Mario on the head) likes to have a design. Contestants have spent countless hours reviewing the details of a global map or campaign. They know the perfect pixel design to use when cutting, or other factors that lead to killing the boss instantly or preventing enemies from breeding.

If the traditional run is around an organization, then GeoGuessr is the opposite. The idea is the same – complete a line or write down a few points in as short a time as possible – but beyond that, there is no comparison. GeoGuessr has unparalleled flexibility with any other game, even those with custom-designed worlds such as Games or Hade.

In one trip, you may be offered a suburban apartment, with many houses, signs, and street signs that can be taken. In the next section, it is possible to be thrown into the tundra a small, empty but small shrubbery for miles.

“Each line is very different,” says Chicago Geographer. “No two people stay in one place for any game, unless you have a great chance.” In this run, the game is empty. It is limited to four cardinal motions with a viewing shape, fastened with a mouse wheel.


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