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People are falling asleep after Google changed the word ‘white noise’ to Nest speakers

If you did not know, Google Assistant tools like Nest Hub it can play white noise to help you or your children fall asleep. However, several users have seen it that Google has recently turned it into something that jumps more frequently and has less noise, according to 9 on 5Google. As a result, they and their babies and toddlers seem to be losing sleep over it.

“White noise” is one of the 14 sounds available from Google Assistant, as well as “roar of the river,” “fire,” “sea” and one. You can play it for up to 12 hours if it is not stopped by the timer, and the 2nd-gen Nest Hub has an “auto-off” feature that automatically shuts off at bedtime.

In the past, it produced White Noise sound every hour, but now the noise is repeated every 10 minutes, which users find to be annoying and repetitive. On top of that, the word file that already existed seems to be “more stable” and more stable than ever. “It’s a different word, almost incomprehensible,” said one user. “Too bad you have to set the volume up to 70 percent,” said one.

There are at least 100 complaints in the same line, and many people claim to use white noise to put their children to sleep. “I play every night for my little boy and he is very upset about this change,” said one. “Please, let there be a way to restore the old Bible so we can keep our bed and crazy routine!”

Google may have modified the file to reduce data usage, as one Redditor reported that its Mini uses about 4GB of data per night and just plays Google’s round sound. Someone acknowledged that this is “the world’s first crisis,” but it shows how small changes in the most widely used technologies can lead to unforeseen problems. If you use old words and miss them, another Reddit user has them raised the original on Google Drive, so you can download and download to YouTube Music.

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