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Peloton Remembers Trampling and Trampling + Walking on the Road After Severe Injuries, 1 Baby Dies


“We’ve already received reports of child injuries caused by the use of a treadmill, but most of them have to do with running. This is different,” Joe Martyak, director of CPSC, told WIRED. “I would like to say that our technical analysis is still ongoing, but some of the highlights are that there is a technically designed belt, the lack of a guard at the back, and a large clearance under the treadmill.”

Peloton declined to comment when asked about his Tread + design, instead showing us in the FAQ posted on his page, which reads: “We are trying to make some changes to Tread + memorandum that could solve the problem of adult users, children and pets being dragged under the Treadmill I am seriously injured or killed. “

The company also said it would pay the full price to Tread or Tread + customers who requested one, and also offer relocations to other (probably safer) places in customer homes, for free.

Serious injuries, and sometimes recollection, are not uncommon in this group. CPSC Council he was told Washington newspaper that there were 22,500 tire-related injuries sustained in the US in 2019, and that the agency received reports of 17 fatalities occurring between 2018 and 2020. According to the agency’s page, over the past decade they have been recalling stairmasters, tall machines, heavy weights, pull bars, and ab bar cables. One such case was that of Schwinn’s elliptical spherical machine manufactured by Nautilus, a manufacturer of fitness equipment worldwide. In that case, however, there were only nine reports that the metal plates were moved, and the biggest injury that was recorded was a painful knee.

“I think there are a number of reasons why this is happening in Peloton,” said Ray Maker, a well-known blogger DC Rain Maker, where he lists many technologies for running, motorcycle riders, and triathletes. “The death of a child must have been more pronounced at the Consumer Product Safety Commission, compared to other injuries.”

“Also, I think that’s the amount that’s being remembered and the size of the company,” he added. “If you look at the manufacturers of the machines, the manufacturers of the machines, the majority of the parties and they have different numbers. , so it is difficult to follow one color. Peloton has only two, and all of them remember me. ”

The maker, who is said to have run a number of tires, also said that although some machines could have the same problem as Peloton Tread +, tire manufacturers have decided to install low-end bars on their feet, which in turn could prevent children, pets, or objects from being caught. under the tread.

Jeff Douse, who ran the Houston gym and RacePace, once lost $ 25 in Woodway 4Front to run a gym because the treadmill attracts athletes. But the danger posed by belt printing presses, Douse says, is that “when the tires come to the end of the wheel and go around and go under it, the slats begin to separate, creating gaps, while one can cling to the finger.”

Permission length, or the distance from the bottom of the treadmill to the bottom, also takes into account, says Douse. Woodways put in, at $ 10,000 a pop, was low enough on the floor while everyone who had the job of cleaning the floor of the machine tried to get to the bottom. Peloton Tread + seems to have a lot of space, Douse says, and wheels in front of the treadmill and adjustable parts in the back-It means that it may be easier to get to the bottom, but it can also create “potentially vulnerable areas.”

Be careful

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. The company says it is working to replace the memorable roll machine, but that design must be provided and approved by CPSC Peloton before it can resume sales.


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