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Patreon is building his own video production platform

Patreon has been close to self-reliance for some time, and a large part of the problem is falling into place. CEO Jack Conte has revealed that the company is working on video management, as well as its player.

“We are building horizontal structures for every designer, regardless of color, or color, to be able to do business around their work,” Conte told. On the beach.

As things stand, producers who want to share videos with their loved ones should put them on other devices like YouTube or Vimeo, either. and secret preferences turned on. Alternatively, they can attach a video file to the post, but the file size is only 200 MB.

There is no specifics of the time when Patron will release his videos. In that case, users will have more storage options available to Patreon, and will no longer need to deal with other platforms. Engadget asked Patreon for more information, including whether this would allow producers to receive livestreams only or if they would make advertising money from self-made videos.

Last year, Patreon agreed and Acast allows manufacturers to offer user-only postcards on multiple platforms. Meanwhile, Conte announced his podcast, The Creator Economy, who will start next Monday. They will talk to the people behind the equipment that the manufacturers use.

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