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Panic’s Playdate handheld was delayed until 2022

Valve and it is not the only item on hand that will not be shipped in 2021. Fear has it its establishment to 2022. The company announced a delay Thursday, citing a “difficult” battery problem that was found late in the first 20,000 installations of console manufacturers. “We made a difficult, expensive call to replace all our existing batteries with new ones from different companies,” said Cabel Sasser of Panic.

Fear estimates that these units will now begin to reach customers sometime in early 2022. If you have saved Playdate before today’s announcement, your location on the order line will not change as long as your order is still valid.

If there are silver issues, then Panic says the new electric cell has a “very good” battery life from what was previously offered. Going forward, future units will ship with new ones . This does not change the way the latter works, but it is what Mantha says he was forced to do because of the lack of chip that affects everything from GPU prices to .

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