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Panic’s handheld Playdate is available for download in July

Today, for the first fear Games video demonstration, the company announced a small number of toys and handkerchiefs. The most anticipated news is that the device will be available for pre-configuration in July, even before a specific date. The company says there will be a warning for a week before it is ready. As a reminder, the device is purchased at $ 179.

Another great exporter is the Playdate Stereo Dock, the first addition to the quirky Playdate. The port acts as a cable downloader and a Bluetooth speaker on Playdate. Oh, and there’s a pen, why not. And yes, a bright yellow pen comes with it. Like Playdate, Stereo Dock was developed by Teenage Engineering.

On top of that, Fear has teamed up with Poolsuite FM, an online radio station with its own SoundCloud playlists, which you can play on Stereo Dock if you wish. The Poolsuite app will be pre-installed on Playdate. Prices and availability of stereo port are unknown.

The company also announced Playdate Cover, a Playdate security lawsuit, available in purple. The Playdate package and Playdate bundle sell for $ 199 ($ ​​20 more than the Playdate price of $ 179), while the cover itself costs $ 29.


The company also unveiled 21 of the 24 games that will be included with Playdate as part of the First Group. Fear did not elaborate on the game, but said Playdate owners could expect to receive two games a week for 12 weeks (the game can be saved forever).

Here is a list of the 21 games:

  • Crankin’s Time Travel Adventure – Made by Uvula (Keita Takahashi, Ryan Mohler), Matthew Grimm and Shaun Inman

  • War Godios – Produced by TPM.CO Soft Work

  • Boogie bugs – Produced by May-Li Khoe and Andy Matuschak

  • Damaged Birder – Produced by Diego Garcia; Music by the Sound of Max Coburn

  • Kandachime 85 – Produced by Alex Ashby, Lawrence Bishop, Duncan Fyfe, Belinda Leung and Jared Emerson-Johnson

  • Echoic Memory – Produced by Samantha Kalman, Everest Pipkin, Carol Mertz and Rachelle Viola

  • Executive Golf DX – Made with davemakes

  • Flipper Lifter – Produced by Serenity Forge

  • Forrest Byrnes: Smoke Rising – Produced by Nels Anderson, Christina “castpixel” Neofotistou

  • Low Meteor – Produced by Vertex Pop (Mobeen Fikree, Robby Duguay and h heron)

  • They Lost Your Marbles – Produced by Sweet Baby Inc & Friends

  • Omaze – Produced by Gregory Kogos

  • Select Pup Pup – Produced by Nic Magnier, Arthur Hamer. The song is by Logan Gabriel

  • Chess games – Made by Dadako

  • Ratcheteer – Produced by Shaun Inman, Matthew Grimm and Charlie Davis

  • Players – Produced by Chuck Jordan. Music by the Sound of Jared Emerson-Johnson

  • Play – Produced by Zach Gage. Artwork by Neven Mrgan

  • Connected! – Produced by Jada Gibbs, Nick Splendorr, Ryan Splendorr and Tony Ghostbrite. Music and Mask in the Pit (Em Halberstadt)

  • Zipper – Produced by Bennett Foddy

  • Saturday Magazine – Produced by Chris Makris. Music and the Shell in the Pit (Gord McGladdery, Alfonson Salinas)

  • Cleaning Pure Water – Produced by Chuhai Labs (Giles Goddard, Mark Lentz, Peter Traylor, Hero Liao, Remy Thor, Charlie March, Kensaku Nakata, Zach Aikman, Mihoko Terao)

Season One games were made for Playdate


Fear scoffed that there would be some extra games, some made by the company. The company also announced that it was Lucas Pope, who made it Return to Obra Dinn and Papers Please, is working on a Playdate game called Mars After Midnight.

In addition, Fear teamed up with the mythological company Sweet Baby to lead two guides from meaningless villages. That’s the Dog Guide (led by Xalavier Nelson Jr.) and Reel Steel.

Fear also showcased a number of talented designers from last year Advertising Focus Program, which were able to install the original type of hardware and streamline the SDK. According to the company, they will be able to sell apps and games designed for Playdate, which can be shipped exclusively with the device (these will be different from the listed titles of Season One).

Since third-party developers are the best at Playdate, the company has also launched Pulp, a new tool developed for Playdate games. You need a browser to use it.

As mentioned, you have to wait until July to register your Playdate. But if you miss the first run, you may still get it in the end.

“Once you call, you will receive it immediately, but we will not block you,” said Cabel Sasser, who co-founded the panic. “We hope it’s fun. Although things may not go well for you, thank you in advance for your patience with everything. ”

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