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Pablo Casado reveals a clear vision for the future in Spain

Spain’s main opposition leader, who has started on the right, says he wants to form a “national salvation government” to effect major changes, including tax cuts within three months of taking office.

Pablo Casado, a popular People’s Party (PP) party, told the Financial Times that if he won the election by the end of 2023, he would register foreigners to accommodate economic reforms and labor market changes and regime change in Spain.

In an interview he highlighted what he saw as the PP’s return to near-death, in an effort to alleviate such things as past fraud scandals and future reliance on the right Vox.

“When we start working, we need a government. . . especially for the national liberation, “the 40-year-old said. Not just careful, legitimate and Christian Democrats and former Social Democrats. . . Government like Italy, but democratically elected. ”

Although the Spanish parliament has more than two years to go before action, Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez’s coalition coalition is sorely lacking and weakened by the PP’s MadridRegional elections this month. The right party has been leading the national elections ever since.

Some polls suggest that the PP and Vox among them may have won a majority in Spain after the next general election – a dramatic change three years later when the Casado party backed the Socialists.

Casado says Spain’s Covid-19 facility will boost its chances: “Crisis strengthens governments, even in the face of adversity,” he said. “The results are disheartening, even if they manage to get things right.”

It’s a big change for someone who wanted to quit politics when the PP was has been removed from power in 2018 in the midst of insults. Casado said he had applied for a job with other countries in Paris, but to throw his hat when his party held leadership elections earlier than expected. Even if they win unexpectedly want to know more, party expectations seem unrealistic.

“I had a death party, it was the third of all votes,” he said. It was beginning to end. ”

His original goal was to prevent the Centud Ciudadanos party from taking over the PP – he achieved this by just 218,000 votes in the April 2019 election – and to restore national independence, he said.

“Even if my party said: ‘Casado is busy, he should stop trying to reconcile the place and follow Sánchez’,” he said. “But I was convinced that there were three [parties on the right] it was impossible to win. ”

The vote is enough, as Ciudadanos’ vote fell in a recent election. Casado said he was now considering consulting with Spanish candidates instead of arranging with other parties.

“We have to get there [in power] and approve all changes within three months, “he said, drafting plans to reduce corporate income tax, eliminate property taxes, reform payrolls to change the labor market and change Spanish government systems.

Research shows that the PP government may need the support of Vox consultants to form leadership.

“My goal is to control myself,” Casado said. “PP is not on the side of Vox… It can rule if it has only one seat over Sánchez.”

He did not answer yes or no when asked if Products it was a democratic party. A bold group claims that Sánchez’s government is the worst in 80 years, showing his admiration for Francisco Franco’s 1939-75 fascist government.

Casado said the fraudulent allegations that led to the suspension of PP in power three years ago were behind them. “If a party has made me a leader, it’s just a matter of the past,” he said.

But there have been a number of cases in court, including one investigating whether PP’s Interior Ministry officials used the police to obtain evidence of corruption. This year Casado sold out the party’s headquarters amid corruption scandals that focus on funding for renovations more than a decade ago.

Asked if he believes former PP Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy is aware of the “black accounts” that the former party runs. don’t make me rich, he said: “In the end, what we decided not to talk about again,” I see, was a matter for the court.

In the meantime, the allegations are politically motivated. The PP could also make a profit by returning to the party against the Sánchez government expectations forgiveness of Catalan separates.

But Casado faces significant obstacles. Unless Sánchez calls for a preliminary election, there is no doubt that parliament will be elected by the end of his term in 2023.

Sánchez observers expect EU coronavirus recovery bag – in particular the 70 billion donations in Spain over the next three years – will help revive the economy and boost its economy.

Carmen Calvo, deputy Socialist prime minister, also said that Casado was covered by Isabel Diaz Ayuso, a PP-speaking party leader who won the election in Madrid, and could not reconsider his victory.

Casado himself blames himself for the increase in power over Madrid’s results, which he says are “not the cause but the effect” of his party’s recovery.

“There is a political change in Spain and we are ready for the government,” he said. “I don’t know if it will be in the next 12 months but I think it will happen soon.”

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