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Owners of the HTC Vive are able to purchase shares from iFixit for DIY VR upgrades


HTC has they agree with iFixit to make it easier for its customers to upgrade their VR headsets and other devices. This website, popular for separating new tools and getting them updated, now offers specific sections of HTC Vive Cosmos Elite, released last year, great Vive Pro and Vive Pro Eye, Vive Tracker and other natural VR extras.

As companies have announced in the announcement, the availability of shares from iFixit could give customers a way to extend the life of pre-packaged products, especially if their needs are not available on HTC itself. HTC’s original headphones, even the Vive Cosmos Play entry, are more expensive and more expensive than Facebook’s Oculus headphones. That the company offers customers a way to store their headphones even after years of use is a welcome thing.

Kyle Weins, CEO and co-founder of iFixit, said: “This is the cause of the problem. HTC is the first to create VR to support their customers with the tools they need to make their headsets work properly.”

In addition to selling shares for use, iFixit also provides detailed documentation that people can follow if they want to tackle the problem of repairing their equipment. The program of fixing leaders add instructions on how to adjust the various components, such as glasses, cameras and women’s board, on headphones and their accessories. Vive users in North America can now order shares from IFixit page.

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