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Owner Audacity has also reviewed its privacy policy in accordance with the privacy policy


Muse Group, the new owner of Audacity, is a secret change of the software. It also said the Muse Group will collect user participation and be able to share it with other people, including law enforcement and potential buyers. This led users to call the program “spyware.”

The company has it to resolve the dispute, which he says is essentially “incomprehensible in Privacy Policy,” e.g. reports. Muse Group says it will only receive “minor” information (operating system type, processor type, IP address and error reports) users. The IP addresses of the users are stored in a random way for 24 hours before they become “anonymous and unchanged.”

Muse Group added that it would only share information only if a court wanted to do so. It will not provide you with user information following legal requests or selling or sharing data. Data collection is “an acceptable standard of service delivery in most states, regardless of the depth of data or type of work,” the company said.

“We understand that the ambiguity of the Privacy Policy and the lack of information has led to serious concerns about how we use and maintain the limited resources available to us,” Muse Group leader Daniel Ray said. . The company is working with their legal team on restructuring, clear rules, which they want to publish soon.

Smaller data collection is necessary because of two new features in the upcoming Audacity, according to Ray: a way to track changes, as well as error reports that you might like. Ray did not respond to a confidential request from users under the age of 13 not to use the app. The General Public License to which Audacity is distributed does not permit restrictions on the use of the program.

The modified privacy policy does not apply to “using the app without internet,” so if you restrict Audacity online, it should not be a problem. This rule will start working with the next program, 3.0.3. Modern and old versions do not have any form of dialogue and cannot access any data.

As such, this was a case of miscommunication that caused concern among Audacity users. However, most community members are an open fork program with no data collection requirements.

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