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Oscars 2021: Time to View Another Covid-Era Show


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Four hundred and 39 days ago, the 92nd Academy Awards took place at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood. It was a great night – Bong Joon Ho’s Bacteria won the Beautiful Picture, becoming the first foreign language film to do so in the history of the school. One of the last prizes to take place before the plague, when people can be together at the Oscars party. (I haven’t seen one of the people I’m looking at until two weeks ago, after receiving our first test of Covid-19 disease Vaccination.) Now, after you have a day pushed back two months later, this year’s Oscars could be the last on the list of corporate entertainment that is trying to happen when events don’t happen.

It seems, however, that the academic school is making a concerted effort to deal with the complexities and challenges of this competitive season. First, the in-person experience will be Broadcast from Union Station, the entrance to the city of Los Angeles. Every year since 2002 the Oscars have been held at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood, and when this year’s events take place at the Dolby, the venue will share the stage. Meanwhile, instead of singers singing original and foreign songs, Interesting will be the DJ -ing of the event, using original songs he recorded with Mizu.

Beyond that, little is known about what the actual Oscars will look like. There will be no host – there has been no one for several years now. But who will show it, and exactly how things will work out is a mystery. There are indications that Union Station was chosen as a location – it has a history as a movie, and, according to letter from Oscars producers Steven Soderbergh, Stacey Sher, and Jesse Collins to be selected, and a place where they can have heart-wrenching scenes that will be shown as “an active video, with a trial site to monitor temporary results, including a local security team “At first the producers confused the idea of ​​allowing attendees to perform at the festival, but they stopped, and made fewer”.place”To those far away. Beyond that, the format and broadcast of Sunday’s video is a consideration for everyone.

But you know what? Good. Zoom’s displays were good — and ultimately necessary — the first stop of the plague. (Who can forget Zendaya throwing her hands happily at her Zoom window when she won the Emmy as the best actress in the Euphoria? No, that’s not it.) More and more shows have recently found a new, more secure and fun-to-use interface of Covid than wonder why people who are probably earning more money have unstable internet. For example, the Grammys had an exciting show in and around the LA Staples Center that was organized by The Daily Show‘Trevor Noah features actors from Billie Eilish, Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B, Taylor Swift, and Harry Styles. (It also had an additional bonus of Beyonce, such as, presence and trophies.)

Last year, we’ll take what we can get. Of all the industries that have the biggest shows – music, TV, movies, and more – Hollywood has been hit hard by the epidemic, with many of this year’s nominees being released on another type of search Instead of just producing plays. It’s been 439 days. No viewer has been the same in 2020 as it was years ago; no need to wait for their video-to celebrate one must be either. And yet, the festival seems to be preparing. Movies have become more popular over the last year – maybe it’s time to help the film get through this.

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