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Open Channel: What Did You Think About Thor: Love and Thunder?


Jane Foster, like Thor, raises her hammer to the sky as lightning surrounds her.

Figure: Marvel Comics / Russell Dauterman

Did you know that Marvel released two movies this week? Yes, there was Forever, but there was also a movie that we all care about, Thor: Love and Thunder. Directed by the comedian Oscar winner Taika Waititi, the new film features the thunder god Chris Hemsworth instead of a different musclebois the god of thunder: the return of Natalie Portman Jane Foster, called the new Mighty Thor.

Oh, but not ordinary Natalie Portman is the best seller here, folks! There is also Tessa Thompson being the first second groundbreaking LGBTQ behavior in MCU. He was slightly miffed to share that honor Forever ‘ Phastos, Brian Tyree Henry’s gay alien whose invention helped to make the atomic bomb, but it is still good to have a chair on the table. To be honest, it’s amazing to see that $ 1 billion worth of about 30 movies and 12 TV shows proves that gays can help make a profit. It’s gay visitors, at least.

It’s full of throwers that they include of course few Supervisors of the Galaxy, Russell Crowe as Zeus, and Christian Bale as the new baddie Gorr the God Butcher, Love & Thunder it is very busy but surprisingly personal, though it produces one buster after the next.. It did exactly what Waititi said was “too bad”He did. And you may know, because Obligatory Act 3 Fight is one of the best things Marvel has ever done, it is not a sign that they need to change their appearance!

The wonder of Love & Thunder it’s not a matter of personal commitment to Valkyrie’s quest for the queen by having a long time in establishing the history of Tinder, or even 10 minutes of Jane Thor’s exercise being a Scandal “Warrior. ” No, it’s just that Marvel didn’t really announce it. As a sequel to Ragnarok, this is Thor The movie most people would say they definitely liked, and surprisingly there is still to be a single trailer or advertisement. They are probably making a secret release so that the Eternals can find their sea legs as it is a new license. Or it may be Titanfall 2 where they think the two movies can stand on their own and can’t eat each other, so, they probably forgot how it went. Titanfall 2 in a short time.

Anyway, we want to hear your thoughts on this film. Did you like it? Did you hate it? What do you think of the three pictures that happened next? I can’t believe Korg and Miek were in the polycule with Beta Ray Bill and Darkhawk! Tell us in the comments below, we tell you our thoughts, but for stupid reasons, Marvel will not allow critics to comment until July 8, 2022.

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