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Only 4% of iPhone Users in the US Allows Apps to Track Them After the iOS Update


Illustration of the issue of Evil Zuck: Only 4% of iPhone Users in the US Allow Apps to Track Them After iOS Updates

Figure: Saul Loeb (Getty Images)

Apple has recently unveiled its most anticipated expectations The Transparency of the App and iOS 14.5, which allows users to choose whether apps follow what they are doing when advertising is allowed. Ironically, users seem happy to stop following these disabled programs. Only 4% of iPhone users in the US have agreed to follow the app after changing their devices, according to a recent statement from the Verizon-owned analytics firm Runner.

Globally, the figure jumps to 12%, a positive increase but which is no longer the case for companies like Facebook that sell advertisers in search of their products. With iOS 14.5, if the user of the app is tracked, every time they download or modify the app, they should ask for permission before checking. And it is clear that many users are saying: “Nah.”

Users who wish to uninstall tracking together without denying the permissions of any individual app can change the “Allow App Request Tracking” preferences iPhone password. Since the app was launched on April 26, Flurry data shows that, on average, almost 3% of US users and 5% of global iOS users have stopped following the app.

Flurry was developed based on the size of 2.5 million mobile phone users daily with iOS 14.5 in the US and the size of 5.3 million mobile users worldwide. According to the company, its analytics tool is installed on more than 1 million mobile phones and includes information from about 2 billion devices per month.

As a strong supporter of Apple, Facebook has established a rally to attract veterans assuring users that these secret methods, then the worst. Facebook released a number of page ads claiming that Apple’s image has eroded small businesses that rely on its advertising services and warned them that many free pages should start charging users subscription fees or purchases within the app. Other modern giants such as Snapchat, Google, and Twitter he added that, if more users decide to continue following the program, it could affect their policies.

In fact, this is just the first time our feedback has been received from users. IOS 14.5 has only been available for at least two weeks, and, given more time, we can better understand the number of users who are exiting or leaving the app. But one thing is clear: People are in control of privacy. And if that means missing fewer ads, more people seem to be happy to volunteer.


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