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Olympic volunteers get a job similar to those who are paid do not play

The Olympic Games in Tokyo are working to retain a volunteer army after realizing that the organizers are hiring paid staff to do the same job, a recent obstacle to Japan’s delayed games.

Nearly 10,000 volunteers have left in recent weeks, according to organizers, out of a total of 110,000 welcome to Tokyo 2020 – working as directors, drivers, conference staff, medical responders and interpreters.

But without the open-air observers and the emergency situation of Covid-19 in Tokyo, interest among volunteers has declined slightly, highlighting the difficulties that have taken place in the world’s major sporting events during the epidemic.

The Japanese government and the International Olympic Committee have confirmed that the tournament will resume as planned on July 23, despite warnings to celebrate fans. can transmit coronavirus, is a vaccination campaign that has given the first rate to about 13% of the population.

When did the recent crisis in volunteerism come about? advertisements appeared online payment of ereka 1,700 ($ 15.50) per hour for homework “at the World Sports Festival” in July and August.

Although Olympic Minister Tamayo Marukawa said last month that volunteers would have a variety of services for paid people, advertising activities would include directing viewers and heating.

One promotion to the “seaside stadium” he said it would be like working at a resort, and being provided with food and lodging. Two organizations called by the Financial Times confirmed that the event included the Olympics.

Takamichi Ueno, a solo artist from Tochigi, said he was still looking forward to the cycling competition and was looking forward to meeting the riders. But he said he was outraged when he heard that the game was hiring staff to work with volunteers, as they had to go to Fuji International Speedway – where the competition ends – and find accommodation and money. “I don’t agree with that,” he said.

Katsuji Yoshioka, a retired man, said he quit his volunteer job in April after being asked to register for 9 hours as a driver. “They called themselves a driving assistant,” he said. “They look at shifts like 2pm to 11pm, which means it was hard to find the last train.”

Yoshioka said he thinks the timing of the project is too difficult for a volunteer with no experience and it is easy to catch Covid as a driver. He felt relieved to hear that Tokyo 2020 was hiring paid people. “It would be a joke if I were to work with people who are paid,” he said.

In an effort to make the sport safer and change people’s minds, Japan is debating whether to vaccinate all volunteers before the Olympics, and to put them ahead of others in the lineup. Currently, Japan is vaccinating more than 65 vaccines, but has begun allowing large companies to vaccinate their workers from June 21st.

“We have agreed to go there,” Marukawa said in response to a question in parliament this week. “But there are a few helpful things.”

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