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Obé Fitness Review: A Home-Based Exercise Using Retro Request


Online work Obé (pronounced “Obedient”) Exercise provides a modern overview of the VHS tapes that your mother loves to watch. As you would expect from a company founded by former television professionals, Obé differs from the well-established fitness club; interesting, compelling coaches; is a workout that does not require any equipment other than a laptop or iPhone.

First, choose one of the 15 sections of exercise that can be offered. These range from intensive training (HIIT) classes to yoga and meditation classes, and can be adapted to live or on demand. There is also a list of leading issues that offer everything from the first seven days to the days of oil collection.

Holy White

Obé coaches train their classes from a white box with walls that change color as you move.

Photo: Elena Mudd Photo / Obé

The first thing you can notice about Obé’s decoration is setting it up in the back. Instead of setting up a studio, coaches have empty walls. When you exercise, the shape of the walls changes, which makes you more obedient and fun at each stage. Enough to keep you from working hard.

Live classes are the star of the show here, as having a workout program adds a sense of responsibility and gives you what to expect at the end of the working day. But if you can’t get to 20 live classes or every day, there are more than 5,000 classes you would like. The required classes are similar to live classes, but you are not happy when I hear the coach mention your name at a special time.

You do not need special equipment from the company, and some classes do not require any equipment at all. Some require dumbbells and exercise groups, or objects around the house, such as a chair for holding barre training.

The coaches help you keep up the good work, sometimes talking to students and shouting encouragement, and this is where Obé shines. The home exercise machine relies on its coaches and programs to attract people to work. Coaches can make or break the system, and Obé’s coaches are a wonderful home. Obé’s founders, Ashley Mills and Mark Mullett, started out as talented contributors, and many of their training centers have a history of entertainment. Their camera and entertaining capabilities make every class a thing to look forward to, rather than intimidate.

When I teach CrossFit or electrical classes, I have to pay close attention to my members when they exercise, so I get excited when I see coaches coaching when they speak. When I am able to do gymnastics with actress Melody D., she always provides guidance and encouragement, pointing to the participants and a few names. In the meantime, I was having difficulty breathing and could do nothing but roar in the cave.

I went through it with a skepticism – I’m used to throwing weights and lifting myself up 20-foot ropes, so I didn’t know how this exercise would force me. About 15 minutes after I finished my workout, I realized that the answer was “hell a lot.” It didn’t take me long to get out and jump into the woods while I was breathing (sorry, Coach Angelo G.).


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