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Nvidia is trying to stop its chips from being used on crypto mines

The battle against the powerful silicon between smartphones and cryptocurrency unveiled on Tuesday, as Nvidia’s device maker intervened to protect its well-known cards used in crypto mining.

The move was designed to reduce the huge decline faced by video producers and highlight the growing demand for cryptocurrency lovers as prices rise this year.

Nvidia said she was intentional reduction the possibility of its well-known video cards to make them less useful in performing the necessary calculations to confirm events on the ethereum network.

Known as mines, this includes tackling a major problem in retrieving signal components – another that has become increasingly apparent as the prices of ether, tokens used on the network, have skyrocketed.

Nvidia graphics teams, or GPUs, were created for the first time to address the requirements for delivering video images in real time, complicated by the amount of data that needs to be processed simultaneously. The same technology was transformed into a storehouse of artificial intelligence, one of the most important computer resources, as well as crypto mining.

Despite the growing popularity and benefits, the demand for crypto has posed a problem for Nvidia as many of the dedicated video developers who have been purchasing their customers have been unable to purchase the new graphics cards.

Nvidia’s findings are also strongly linked to the dramatic changes in the cryptocurrency market, which brought relief as the price of crypto dropped from their last quarter in 2018.

Reducing the use of graphics cards also helps push more aficionados to buy a new family of chips launched by Nvidia earlier this year, called Cryptocurrency Mining Processors.

Video cards can be converted to mineral salts than bitcoin, while ethereum networks account for about 90% of the crypto rewards that can be achieved using renewable GPUs, according to Nvidia.

Nvidia is facing a challenge in preventing crypto miners from using their non-playable cards to push them away from GPUs, says Patrick Moorhead, a researcher at Moor Insights & Strategy. The way they are doing so far shows it has worked out well, he added.

Tom’s Hardware Book, which recently placed various picture cards, judgment NXidia’s RTX 3080 and 3090 are the best “with limited limits” of mines on ethereum. The price of tokens has risen almost six times since the beginning of the year before recently, setting the value of about $ 400bn in total value for money, or half bitcoin.

The company acted earlier this year to reduce its cards, the RTX 3060. Tuesday it also said it was limiting the latest 3080 and 3070 cards, aimed at the fastest players, and the most recent type 3060.

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