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NTSB: The video shows the owner getting into the driver’s seat before Tesla’s death


The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has released preliminary report in a fatal Tesla Model S accident . The agency said security cameras at the owner’s home showed them entering the driver’s side door, while a colleague entered from the front door.

After walking about 550 feet, the Model S left the road on its way, then went to climb the canal, raise the manhole and then the tree. This damaged the car’s lithium-ion battery, which started a fire that killed both men. When police began investigating the accident, they told reporters that “they were sure no one was in the driver’s seat at the time of the incident.”

Since the accident-related story first surfaced, there have been many speculations about whether the owner of the Model Model was (mis) using Autopilot. Using the test vehicle, the NTSB claims to have been able to turn on Traffic-Aware Cruise Control but not Autosteer on the road where the accident took place. The latter is something that allows a Tesla car to change lanes only by what the driver has written. However, all of these must be available in order to use Autopilot. Following the accident, Tesla CEO Elon Musk he wrote the price of the equipment the company got “so far Autopilot has not stopped & the car has not been purchased [Full Self-Driving]. ”

What this research has confirmed here is hard to say. According to the NTSB, the fire that reduced the Model S to burning bones damaged the cache inside the infotainment console. It also destroyed the control section. The device stores most information related to car speed, speed, and seat belt and airbag.

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