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North Korea’s Kim Jong Un talks about food and not the 2022 nukes | Stories by Kim Jong Un

Kim says she wants to start economic development and change people’s lives as she remembers 10 years of her leadership.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has completed 10 years in power with remarks he made about the tractor industry and school uniforms rather than nuclear weapons or the United States, according to a media briefing on Saturday.

North Korea’s main goals for 2022 will be economic development and improving the lives of people as they face the “grave battle of life and death,” Kim said at the conclusion of the 4th Central 4th Plenary Meeting. The Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) Committee, which began on Monday.

The meetings coincided with the 10th anniversary of Kim’s birth to lead the country well after the death of her father in 2011.

Kim used previous speeches during the New Year to announce key issues, including initiating major negotiations with South Korea and the US.

But a summary of his speeches published in North Korean newspapers did not mention the US, and only a small part of the ambiguous discussions on Korea’s “foreign” relations.

The home inspection highlights the economic hardships Kim faces at home, which closing down the epidemic has left North Korea more isolated than before.

“The major challenges facing this sector and the people in the coming year are to provide a sure guarantee that they will complete the five-year plan and make dramatic changes in the country’s development and human life,” Kim said.

Kim has often spoken out about domestic issues, ranging from the rural development system to human nutrition, school uniforms and the need to tackle “social ills”.

He cited the unparalleled progress of the war as a major achievement of the past year and discussed the “military activities” facing national security in 2022. The tractor factory he discussed in the statement should also be used in the production of artillery, foreign experts have said. . , and North Korea believes it has expanded its arms despite incarceration.

The ultimate goal of rural development is a multi-stakeholder approach, said Chad O’Carroll, founder of NK News, a Seoul-based North Korea page.

“Everywhere you look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing.

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