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North Korea removes US religious talks: State media | Political News


Pyongyang called the US “ old-fashioned ” idea while Biden said he would use the negotiations and a “strong ban” to end North Korea’s nuclear ambitions.

North Korea called the US talks “false” on Sunday, and opposed the idea of ​​talks with Washington a day after Biden’s management said it was an opportunity for arms talks to take place, state media reported.

The talks were “false signs” for the United States to “cover up the atrocities”, the North Korean ministry said in a statement issued by the KCNA.

It also warned President Joe Biden that he had made a “serious mistake” with his “old-fashioned” ideas in the country.

In a statement issued by the KCNA, the foreign ministry accused Biden of insulting Kim Jong Un, adding, “We have warned the US enough to understand that it will hurt us if it provokes us.”

Biden spoke for the first time as President of Congress Wednesday that he would use “negotiations and a strong ban” to end North Korea’s nuclear ambitions.

On Friday, the White House reiterated that its intention was still to “destroy the whole of Korea”, but added that the new US president did not want “any alliance” with the North Korean leader.

The U.S. policy will see “an established, legitimate way to open and facilitate negotiations” with North Korea, Biden’s Press Secretary Jen Psaki told reporters.

‘The Most High of conversations

Psaki did not elaborate on the type of negotiations that could be included, but said Biden learned from previous governments’ actions, which have struggled for years to deal with North Korea’s atrocities or, in recent years, its growing nuclear weapons.

He also said Washington was “not looking to achieve its best”, apparently referring to the successful alliance that former President Donald Trump said was possible after meeting the North Korean leader.

Even the White House will not pursue a so-called “strong end” approach, with the help of Barack Obama, Psaki said.

In April, South Korean President Moon Jae-in, who is due to visit the White House on May 21, urged Biden to join Kim in denuclearization.

There are fears that North Korea will return to test nuclear weapons after launching two suspected naval missiles near Japan in March. [KCNA/AFP]

Moon told the newspaper that he loves “high-level discussions”.

Jenny Town, director of 38 North, the Washington-based North Korea monitoring program, told Reuters news agency that the big signs of Biden’s policy are sounding good so far.

“But more will be needed to assess how successful managers can be with this” new approach “. Not sure if there is more to say until we see more,” he said.

There are growing concerns that North Korea should return to test nuclear weapons. North Korea has launched missiles thrown into the sea near Japan in March.

The White House has not said whether it will allow North Korea to return to talks.

Biden officials immediately reaffirmed human rights, nuclear deterrence and sanctions, while holding talks that officials say were rejected by Pyongyang, which has been demanding its establishment.


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