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No Way Home Hits $ 1B, Remaining Box Office Giant

Tom Holland as Peter Parker in Spider-Man: No Way Home, rainy season.

Picture: Sony Pictures

Yes, it did not take long. After a great opening week and earning a living on a weekly basis, many predicted that Spider-Man: No Return Home could cost over a billion dollars over the weekend of Christmas, and it was proven to be accurate.

Researchers have posted There Is No Way HomeIt all costs $ 1.05 billion, a little behind Away from them $ 1.132 billion back in 2019. In North America, the film grossed $ 81.5 million over the weekend of the current $ 467.3 million, and $ 121.4 million worldwide. For 12 days, the then back Avengers: Infinity War as the third fastest film to hit one billion, and The end of the game still taking the top spot to get there in five. It is now the 10th most popular MCU movie, just two places in the back Away from us.

It is no longer the richest Sony Pictures film in North America but the only film that took place during the plague. There Is No Way Home is now the best film of 2021, the title of a former Chinese war film, War on Lake Changjin. It is safe to say that Sony and Marvel will apply this in a very personal way when they start No Way Home Oscar campaign of the Good Picture. And as we have seen elsewhere, this is still a Chinese release, as none of the MCU releases this year have yet to be released. There is a lot of money to be made, however, as it will be hitting Japan on January 7th.

Taking second and third place, especially in North America, was Sing 2 and The Resurrection of the Matrix. The first, followed by Illumination and Universal’s 2016 2016 live music album featuring Taron Egerton, Scarlett Johansson, and Matthew McConaughey, grossed $ 41 million. At this point, split The resurrection of the dead earned $ 22.5 million. (His statistics on the HBO Max have not yet been disclosed.) Honorary opener to one degree or another, but make no mistake: until the next blockbuster hits, There Is No Way Home will probably remain number one for some time.


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