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No one asked for licking TV, however …

Don’t take it for granted smell the contents of the screen – would you like to taste what you see? Probably not, but one scientist still insists. ASCII and Reuters a report by Meiji University professor Homei Miyashita has released Touch the TV, a set that you can lick to feel the taste of everything on your computer. The printer sends electronic signatures to 10 decorative cans to make special sprays that cover the film (thanks to cleanliness).

The device has been expanding. Miyashita discussed The first concept of “this synthesizer” in 2020, and gave the first look on TV in October this year.

It sounds awful, and people will no doubt give you a strange look like a French-kissing TV in the middle of a show. However, Miyashita does not see this as a gimmick to add to everyday visuals, like 3D TV. Instead he decided to display what looked like tools for chefs and sommeliers, and he also hopes to build a platform where you can download hobbies such as music or movies. This can help you to taste recipes from around the world when you are at home.

Expertise can be more helpful than you think. The professor took about a year to complete the design, and he estimated that a shipwreck would cost $ 875 to build. While you can’t make one into a living space in your living room, it can be cheap enough to make recipes and dedicated channels.

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