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New Vaccine Opportunities in the US, Shots for India, and More Coronavirus News

The US knows you With a new vaccine, Pfizer / BioNTech will deliver the bullets to India, and Japan is stepping up its risk. Here’s what you need to know:

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Half of US seniors have been vaccinated, and new incentives are expected to increase

Starting this week, half of all adults in the US received a coronavirus vaccine. In nine countries, 70 percent of adults have been vaccinated at least once. In an effort to boost vaccination numbers, he said, businesses have come up with all kinds of incentives. For example, CVS offers rewards for people who will be vaccinated, including tickets to the Super Bowl next year and a mid-week trip. And on Thursday an Ohio woman won $ 1 million more Vax-a-Million state lottery, which was open to any resident who received a single shot.

By CDCs new mask instructions, people who have been vaccinated can leave the mask in many places. Unfortunately, this makes it easier for people who are not vaccinated to go free. One way around this could be vaccine confirmation procedures, or “passports,” but setting up the system can be difficult and confusing. In the meantime, there are other ways to do this inform people if you received your shot.

Vaccine testing begins and stabilizes as India negotiates a deal with Pfizer / BioNTech

Pfizer and BioNTech are in talks with the Indian government to provide A dose of 50 million of their coronavirus vaccine since summer. Unlike foreign leaders, Prime Minister Modi has not signed any advance purchases because he believes India is running the virus. What has been confirmed in these discussions is that Pfizer wants to be protected in legal cases when its seriousness is at stake. Some countries have offered fines, but India has not paid to vaccine manufacturers, although they appear to agree with Pfizer / BioNTech’s terms.

Hungary, which has one of the leading vaccines in the EU, announced on Thursday that it will provide it more than 140,000 were detained to other countries. So far, the US has not sent 80 million units that have promised to export to other countries management problems and trends.

Japan is exacerbating the problem as countries around the world work to reduce its spread

The Prime Minister of Japan has said increased the emergency in the country to June 20 in Tokyo and eight other provinces. The country is set to take part in the Olympic Games in a month’s time, despite protests by its citizens. Although new cases are declining, Japan is still in the middle of another wave, and the number of vaccines remains the lowest among developed countries.

Several other countries have recently established healthy interventions amid new spread of the virus. Victoria, Australia, closing week began Thursday night when authorities found a group of 26 people three months later without any known illness. Haiti re-established a time to get home and hide, in some restrictions, this week. And in the Philippines, where cases were rising early this spring and are declining, the president has warned of prisons who do not force closure.

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