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New Shepard’s 15th Blue Origin pilot tour seems like a prelude


New Shepard test 15 window opening window opening April 14th, 9AM Eastern time. The test, which was appropriately cited for NS-15, will be part of the vehicle’s validity and performance prior to the flight of passengers to the destination. The Origin of Blue will take advantage of the opportunity to exercise for air travelers – no, the spacecraft will not have passengers to board when it does so, but the crew of the company will stand as house professionals and get into the capsule before and after.

Before it is set up, representatives of the astronaut will climb on the platform, sit in their seats, fasten their horses and test the connection with the talking capsule in the middle of the command. The pilot team will close with them on the inside as they prepare for the launch car, but the “astronauts” exit New Shepard before taking off. When the reusable vehicle returns to the ground, the crew will re-enter the carpet to try to open and exit the exit.

Blue Origin has been developing the New Shepard booster and capsule system for suborbital space tourism since the mid-2000’s. The car Test trip 14 what happened in January was the first time the company had tried capsule of repair teams – six-seater meanings to give the successful “space travel” possible – as well as encouragement. At that time, CNBC said the company hopes to pilot its first airline in early April. This obviously doesn’t happen, but you can still see the NS-15 and the demonstrations they learn in practice Blue Origin page.


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