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New Case Against Cutting in Amazon Core ID

“I started Amazon “The last 26 years have been a long one of the world’s largest customer service,” Jeff Bezos said testified in the presence of a sub-committee on home heating. “Not every business uses a client to get started, but we do, and it’s with all our might.”

Bezos’ passion and customer satisfaction are among the Amazon legends. Every move the company makes, in this case, is made with one goal in mind: to please the customer. If Amazon has been powerless, the king of ecommerce, it’s not because of unethical practices or sharp stabbings; it’s because customers love them so much.

The program of counterclaim challenged Amazon on Tuesday against the issue. The suit, in which Karl Racine, attorney general in Washington DC, talks about Amazon’s use of the so-called “most popular country” in its relationship with other retailers, which counts many in Amazon. The popular brands require sellers not to offer their products at a lower price on any page, even their own. According to the lawsuit, this is hurting consumers and pulling prices across the internet, and preventing other web pages from competing with Amazon on price. “I filed a lawsuit against Amazon for failing to regulate prices in online markets,” Racine told a news conference.

For a long time, Amazon made public what DC was saying; its “price parity” requires other retailers to offer lower prices on other websites. It came to a standstill in Europe in 2013, when competition officials in the UK and Germany launched an investigation. In the US, this took a long time, until Senator Richard Blumenthal wrote a letter to anti-bullying organizations in 2018 stating that Amazon was violating anti-bullying laws. A few months later, in early 2019, Amazon lowered prices.

But that was not the end of the story. The DC case alleges that Amazon only replaced the a new policy who use different languages ​​to accomplish the same as the old law. Amazon’s stock market pricing policy informs other retailers that they may be penalized or suspended for a variety of offenses, including “setting a price on an item or service that is significantly higher than recent prices offered on Amazon or abroad.” This rule can protect consumers when they use it to avoid it rising prices on a few occasions, such as the early days of the plague. But it can also be used swelling prices of items that retailers may prefer to offer at very low prices. The key words are from Amazon. In other words, Amazon has the right to charge sellers if they post a discount on a particular website page — just as it does under the previous sales price. According to final report which was maintained by a sub-real estate committee last year, based on evidence from other retailers, the law “has a similar effect of preventing retailers from offering lower prices to consumers in other retail outlets.”

The main way these pricing prices take, according to sellers quoted against Amazon either publicly or anonymously, is to improve access to the Sales Box – the “Add to Shopping Cart” and “Buy Now” buttons at the top right of Amazon’s retail list. When you go shopping for something, there are usually a lot of sellers trying to make a sale. Only one person can win the “Purchase Box,” which means they are the ones who sell when you press a single button. Because most customers don’t look down to see what other retailers are offering, buying a Box is a must-have for anyone looking to make money on selling on Amazon. Like James Thomson, a former Amazon employee and buyer of Buy Box Experts, an Amazon retailer consulting firm, he told me in 2019, “If you can’t find a Purchase Box, for all intents and purposes, you won’t get the money to sell it.”

Jason Boyce, another Amazon retailer who has long been an expert, explained to me how this works. He and his friends were delighted when the last third contract he signed with Amazon, to sell the game on the site, did not include the price tag. “We thought, ‘This is great! We can offer discounts to Walmart, and Sears, and anywhere else,’ ‘he said. But then something strange happened. As soon as prices fell in some areas, sales in Amazon began to decline. “We went to the list and the ‘Add to Cart’ button was off, the ‘Buy Now’ button was gone. Shopping. ‘ You can still buy ads, but it’s just another click. Now, additional clicks on Amazon are permanent – all just for the fun of it right away. ” We went back and raised our prices everywhere, and within 24 hours everything was back to normal. The traffic was fine, the traffic was slow, and the business was back. ”

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