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Netflix will make iOS games available through the App Store


Now that Netflix is ​​offering mobile games on Android, there is a question called: how about iOS players when Apple Policies ban the activities of any sport? The hard way, obviously. In his “Power On” letter, BloombergMark Gurman (with the help of developer Steve Moser) said he saw the code showing that Netflix would be releasing all its “private” games on iOS, via the App Store. Not all of them can be downloaded and played within the app, Gurman added.

The great Netflix app would still provide access to the game list, but you just start a different program when you play the game. This is how it works with Android, but Netflix has the potential to curb the game in its Android app. On iOS, it had no choice but to make the game stand out. Apple wants every game on the App Store to be viewed individually, even when sitting on a cloud.

You can see this coming in the direction of Apple, but it still shows that Netflix should be a distraction if it is to bring mobile games to iOS. This also confirms the growing conflict between Apple and Netflix, as Gurman explained. The two are competing in more and more teams, from game to game advertising services, but they cannot distinguish one another. The potential lies in much controversy, especially if Apple has to move on approved on the rules of the App Store.

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