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Netflix takes copyright on ‘Tinder Swindler’


Netflix has it he is sick a document stating that “Tinder Swindler,” who defrauded women he met on a dating program for millions of dollars. The well-known figure pretends to be Russian oligarch Simon Leviev, the eldest son of Israeli-Israeli Lev Levieviev. He takes his assailants – especially Scandinavian women – on a voyage via secret jets, accommodates them in luxury hotels and offers them dinner. In fact, it is an Israeli man named Shimon Hayut, who fled to Europe twice to escape charges of theft, fraud and forgery in his home country.

Internet fraud has become increasingly common in recent years, when professional photographers use every available means to locate victims. According to FTC, Lost in love scandals amounted to $ 304 million last year. And this is exactly what the American fraud has been told to the agency. Tinder Swindler has been a major figure in the life of the jet, however, the former victims help to attract those who live here.

Hayut spends months pretending to be in a relationship with what she wants to do before asking for money, often pretending to be in trouble asking her “boyfriend” for help. Norwegian book VG he spent six months following Hayut and met two of his recent tormentors. One of the women interviewed said she had taken out a loan to help him and was eventually robbed of 2.1 Norway Krones (US $ 244,000).

Netflix recordings are made by the producers Three Similar Visitors and Don’t do F *** With Cats, all available on the platform. Edited by Felicity Morris of Don’t do F *** With Cats. Variety it is said to be following the women whom Hayut was confused when “she revealed who she was and brought her to trial.” Tinder Swindler was imprisonment by the Greek police in 2019 and he was deported to Israel, but was released last year after serving just five months in a 15-month prison sentence. Halfway through, in December 2020, he says pretending to be medical to get the first COVID-19 vaccine shot – then post a video of what happened on Instagram.

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