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Netflix games are available for iPhone and iPad

A week after opening his game that all subscribers on Android, Netflix is ​​releasing them on iPhone and iPad worldwide. Users can now download the game from the App Store.

Starting tomorrow on 1PM ET, you will see a dedicated line in Netflix iOS and iPadOS apps, where you can select games to download. Those with an iPad can access the game through the download panel.

You can start the game from the Netflix app. Whether you download from there or directly from your iPhone or iPad, you must verify your Netflix account before you can play.

The first game line is the same as on Android. There are two Strange Things responsibilities, Strange Things 1984 and Strange Things 3, which Netflix began to experiment as part of the subscriptions in Poland in August. Three others and common games that they like best: Shooting Hoops, Teeter Up and Card Explosion.

In the past today, it has been reported that another topic is coming to the library soon. Hextech Mayhem: League of Legends history, which arrives on Nintendo Switch and PC later this month, with the first games announced for Netflix after the major game release on Android.

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