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Netanyahu’s rivalry to complete his attempt to free him

Opposition leaders in Israel have stated they will not run in the by-elections, but will try to force a new government to overthrow Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s 12-year term.

The program of an unexpected deal, which transcends political parties – from the far left Meretz party, to ultranationalist Yamina, imprisoned by centrists Yesh Atid – has already won 57 seats in the 120-seat Knesset. to cross 61 borders and form a government.

The so-called “reformist government” has been on Wednesday to Wednesday to convince President Reuven Rivlin to win a vote in parliament and change Israel’s prime minister.

Netanyahu’s successor could be Naphtali Bennett, a former defense minister, whose party has six seats after the departure of one member who does not support the coalition. Mr Bennett could be the co-ordinator of the joint venture with Yair Lapid, a former television presenter, who co-sponsored the deal together a few weeks ago.

Bennett, 49, a former Netanyahu chief of staff, spent Sunday night with Lapid distributing cabinet posts, while protesters on the right gathered in their homes with other Yamina leaders.

Ayelet Shaked, Bennett’s political partner and defense minister, has been heavily protected by police intimidation from the right, which Netanyahu encouraged during street protests calling him Yamina as a rebel against the Zionist ideology.

The constant threat of violence against Netanyahu’s rivals was the main reason for his removal as Prime Minister, Lapid said on Tuesday. He also said that he, Bennett, Shaked, a senior lawyer and prosecutor who is investigating Netanyahu’s fraudulent activities, as well as several journalists, were among those detained by police.

“We have all been threatened with violence and killings,” Lapid said at a rally, acknowledging that the alliance was facing “many obstacles”. If possible, Lapid continued, then “it will be quiet, the ministers will go to work unsupervised [hatred], do not lie, do not try to cause panic all the time ”.

Netanyahu called the agreement “the deception of this century” and said it would weaken Israel.

“Do [this government] What can be done to stop Israel? What do we look like in front of our enemies, ”he said on Sunday night. “What about Iran and Gaza? What will he say at government offices in Washington? “

Bennett opposes the establishment of a Palestinian state and has previously opposed Netanyahu for no reason coming hard on Hamas, the army that controls the Gaza Strip.

He also urged Israel to occupy remote areas of the West Bank and to encourage the growing Jewish community, which many people around the world consider illegal.

Bennett promised to sit to the right of Likud, Netanyahu’s party, speaking on Sunday night. “This is not a government that will give the shares of the Land of Israel,” he said, referring to the biblical references to the territories that Israel rules but the Palestinians want their homeland.

In the meantime, Netanyahu has stepped up efforts to remove one member of the coalition, which could have ruled with one seat if the Islamic party had remained.

“There are faithful Israelis even in the opposition government that Lapid is making,” said one man who summoned Netanyahu’s party to his opponents. “They are being informed of the dangers of Israel [that this government poses]. ”

Netanyahu’s campaign for Bennett’s rights has prompted Mansour Abbas, Ra’am’s leader, to reconsider his plans to support the Zionist government by exchanging small items for a minority of Muslims, including large sums of money from the police, hospitals and other civilians.

Abbas differed from other Israeli parties in trying to establish himself after four elections since April 2019. Although both Bennett and Netanyahu openly bragged about the correct principles that distinguish Palestinian citizens of Israel, Abbas remained silent.

“They have to think twice about what they want to do,” said a member of parliament from the Arab party, who did not want to join the coalition. “Instead of Netanyahu and Bennett, and you think that’s okay?”

If Bennett and Lapid win the deal, the Knesset could vote in the middle of next week to establish a government. If they fail, Israel faces a fifth election in more than two years.

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