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Netanyahu wants to avoid imprisonment but to put it at risk of political slavery

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wants to file a defamation suit against him, which means he could exchange prison time for civilian service, but only if he agrees to a seven-year ban on his appointment, and he ends his embarrassing political career. .

Details of the proposed contract were kept secret in the late Sunday, but two people familiar with the matter said the negotiations had progressed so much so that written documents had to be sold between Netanyahu’s lawyers and the attorney general for further notice.

Nothing has been accepted, and “no one should rely on what the Israeli media, which has hated Netanyahu from day one,” reports close to Netanyahu. A person close to the attorney general told Channel 12 news that the chances of him joining them are very slim. The stories were first reported by the Maariv newspaper.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Justice declined to comment. Netanyahu’s lawyer did not answer calls for comment.

Negotiation revolves around lowering some of the cases, dropping one, and asking Netanyahu to complete human services instead of imprisonment, said two people familiar with the conversation.

But the coalition is responsible for the 72-year-old Netanyahu who is accused of “moral turmoil”, with a seven-year ban from elected office. Netanyahu and his family see this as a red line, according to a man he spoke to this week.

Negotiations should also be concluded within the next two weeks, before the retirement of attorney general Avichai Mandelblit. Netanyahu’s former ally, Mandelblit, has filed charges of bribery, fraud and breach of trust by the former Prime Minister of Israel.

The charges against Netanyahu, known as 1,000, 2,000 and 4,000, stem from a Prime Minister’s investigation into his wife Sara’s relationship with business and media officials. Over the past 15 months, researchers wrote that the couple received a gift, including several thousand dollars worth of Partagas cigarettes and Dom Pérignon’s pink champagne.

As a result, the duo gave a good, critics say. The lawsuit alleges that Netanyahu sued Arnon Milchan, a Hollywood filmmaker. Pretty Woman, in order to obtain a long-term US visa, sought good news from a media expert to change enemy coverage, and promised good credit to the telecom operator to receive the good news.

The possibility that Netanyahu would say he is guilty of a corruption case that he has been criticizing for years as a political witch shocked Israel. About half of those questioned in the various polls told all three broadcasters that they wanted the trial to continue.

The negotiations come less than a year after the agreement, from left to right for the ultranationalist, connected together after four by-elections that were marred by less than three years to remove Netanyahu from his fifth term.

The case disrupted Israeli politics until Netanyahu’s defeat in June, reshaping the status quo when former members of the coalition refused to support the prime minister in his accusations. Without the support of the two main parties, Netanyahu failed to cross 61 seats to form a coalition government.

But the case, coupled with years of unrelenting investigations by social media outlets, did not diminish Netanyahu’s popularity among Likud voters. The party rose from last year’s by-elections to 36 seats, by a landslide.

That vote remained alive potential that Netanyahu could return to power abruptly if the existing alliance, which is dominated by a majority of people with one seat and with the help of the Arab party, ends.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett also spoke of the potential crisis if the agreement is upheld, which political analysts say could allow for a change in coalition without Netanyahu in the picture.

“All the various political analysts, who have their own graphs and scenarios, can be confident,” he said after a cabinet meeting in which Omicron waves touted the debate. “The Israeli government is working and will continue to work quietly and effectively, day by day, for the citizens of Israel.”

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