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Nestlé in negotiations to buy Bountiful Company


Nestlé is in the process of negotiating with the acquisition of Nature’s vitamin and mineral processing company in what could be the most recent joint venture between Swiss food groups to revitalize its reputation.

The group that stores KitKat chocolate and Nescafé coffee said Monday that they are in talks to find The Bountiful Company, which is sponsored by the independent KKR group and is planning a trip.

“Nestlé SA today announced that it is in talks to acquire all or part of The Bountiful Company,” the company said in a statement, confirming a Wall Street Journal report last week.

KKR planned to cost more than $ 6bn on the initial offer, Bloomberg News reported in January.

Nestlé has been selling non-profit parts of its history and pushing into health and nutrition under the leadership of Mark Schneider.

His offerings included what happened this year to sell several U.S. and Canadian sales Types of bottled water for $ 4.3bn to private companies One Rock Capital Partners and Metropoulos.

Nestlé, along with rivals such as Reckitt Benckiser, has immediately been increasing its demands on health. Shortly after Schneider took office in 2017, Nestlé bought Canadian Atrium Innovations for a $ 2.3bn deal.

Vitamins and nutrients they contain sold especially well In the midst of the coronavirus epidemic where consumers are turning to things they hope will improve their health and strengthen the immune system.

This practice helped Nestlé last week with its quarterly sales growth after a decade, the results are driven by other consumer habits such as drinking coffee at home.

Most people sell a variety of drugs including supplements, antibiotics and multivitamins. The company, based in Long Island in New York, generated more than $ 2bn a year until the end of September.


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