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Navalny’s followers face the full wrath of the Kremlin

Supporting opposition leader in Russia Alexei Navalny they say they are facing unprecedented challenges to end their support against President Vladimir Putin, as a court in Moscow is poised to classify their organization as a “dangerous” group similar to the jihadi al-Qaeda group.

The closed court on Monday is expected to comply with critics’ claims that Navalny’s organization is “dangerous” – an idea that could prevent him from earning money and could land him 10 years in prison for members.

The attacks on many of Navalny’s offices in Russia “show that their work is not possible,” Leonid Volkov, the chief of opposition leaders, told the Financial Times.

The “extremist” position appeared to be designed to close offices at the same time, he said.

“It prohibits them from doing anything,” said Pavel Chikov, head of Agora’s legal aid agency, which represents a number of people being prosecuted after the January January massive protests around the country to support Navalny.

“It is prohibited for any public use, public mention [the group] – just before mentioning that naming Navalny is a favorite of things. ”

Prior to the ruling, the activists working for the opposition leader said they were part of a mob. Some have closed their offices, while others have begun to clean up their presence on Russian social networking sites that are affiliated with the Kremlin.

Police have stepped up their efforts since the January protests, which called for the release of Navalny from prison, where he has been serving a two-and-a-half-year sentence on charges of plotting to overthrow his powers. Many spent some time in prison, while others said they had faced serious threats.

In Rostov, a city near the Ukrainian border, local office bearer Ksenia Seredkina said unidentified men took her in the middle of the night and tried to force her to drink a rubber cane – and wrote Navalny’s letter N in her hand whenever she refused.

In Murmansk, someone confiscated a target from an inside checkpoint in Violetta Grudina’s mailbox and left her neighbors warning that she was “misleading children,” she said.

“I am on fire. What is the meaning of another target? ”Said Grudina, who oversees the Navalny office in the Barents Sea city 2,000km north of Moscow.

Since taking over from Putin’s opponents in 2011, Navalny has shown a keen interest in retaliating against the government. After recovering from Germany from toxic agent he is said to have been told by Putin, he returned to Russia in January knowing he would be arrested as soon as he arrived.

Russian police patrol the prison gate as opposition leader Alexei Navalny orders a verdict if he sees fit to address his concerns © Kirill Kudryavtsev / AFP via Getty

In the past, he has served 13 years in prison for opposing the Kremlin, has been tortured several times and has seen his brother Oleg imprisoned for three and a half years for fraud, which Navalny said “took”.

Over the past decade, Navalny has avoided shutting down newspapers in newspapers to gain more followers on YouTube than official TVs, and set up offices with about 250 employees at the time of applying for the presidency.

Putin, who refuses to take part in Navalny’s poisoning, said the fighter was the one in the West who wanted to destroy Russia. Last week, making it clear that the US and EU wanted Navalny’s release, the President promised “Unlimited” and “solid” to answer if he would force himself to do anything beyond the “red lines” in Moscow.

Navalny’s base move and regional networks indicate the Kremlin’s intention to eliminate the opposition leader. Several other aides recently fled Moscow to Europe, while police recently arrested staff in his offices and other protesters in Moscow. Another arrest was made over the weekend.

The problem is particularly acute for Navalny supporters in the states, where there are no independent journalists and few government groups under pressure from the authorities.

Alexei Navalny
Alexei Navalny’s followers clashed with police at a rally in Moscow in January. The Kremlin has strengthened its movement since the protests around the world © Kirill Kudryavtsev / AFP via Getty

Volkov said the Kremlin government wants to suspend the “smart voting” process for Navalny in the September parliamentary elections, while his regional offices endorse candidates for opposition parties who have a chance to win Putin in United Russia.

“[The Kremlin] I do not know what to do with their limited consent, and they are telling the truth that our offices will use the votes against them, ”said Volkov. “He understands that our investigation into corruption will not go away even once he is elected [Navalny’s organisation] dangerous, terrorist, and satanic worshipers. ”

Police have recently shown a growing desire to increase their interest in Navalny’s followers – especially among young people.

Ahead of the protests last week, several said on social media that police had forced their parents to sign documents stating that they would be harassed if their children went to a meeting. Some followers say they received the threats after an email from the Navalny website was released online.

In Murmansk, Grudina is determined to find a way to continue her show.

“With the help of Putin, can one go to court against him if he knows he will be beaten with rods and imprisoned or fined a mile away? No, that’s the difference between us – we stand by our ideas, “he said.” We are the ultimate foundation of freedom, honesty, and justice. “

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