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For more than 15 years in the global work group, I focus only on the environment. I am currently the managing director of Greenpeace International. On my journey, and on foot on both occasions, we have seen a big change.

We have all seen workers fight, protest against corrupt employers, form unions and, with renewed vigor, assert their right to fair employment, security and voice in their workplaces, territories and countries. But what I had the opportunity to see and work on again was exciting.

When I started the environmental dialogue, there was a consensus among organizations that unless certain conditions are met the weather should be delayed – as if tackling climate change is a little bonus for vulnerable and rich people.

Similarly, the environmental group thinks that trying to correct inequalities between people or to deal with job loss is a waste of valuable time. Instead, false theories advocated that climate change could be controlled by governments if they pursued science.

But times are changing.

Now there is no agreement in the world that we think we can delay taking action on climate change. And there are good reasons for us to change our thinking.

First, climate change already affects money and lives. Commercial chains are already at risk. Workers in sectors such as agriculture, health, and construction are in dire straits, due to climatic conditions.

Second, young people advocated climate change, took it as their war for generational generation, and wanted their organizations to be involved.

And third, right now there is a strong sense of fair change, including community and labor standards, strong social security, and a keen interest in green industry ideas.

The green group has also changed. There is a growing awareness that there can be no natural justice without social justice. The challenges we have to face are complex, which involves a number of challenges, intermediaries and forms of oppression. The better we prepare to deal with energy systems, the more successful we are.

As part of this, we need to remove the power from those who want to give up positive change. That means taking on some of the richest people and companies in the world. Let us not be foolish, our enemies will not hesitate to oppress workers and people at high risk to protect their opportunities.

We know that there is no way we can fulfill our climate needs without the help of many people. We need to connect it with hearts and minds. This means being willing to obey people, even when it is not easy. This problem is especially important when people’s lives are depended on by the black industry.

As a result, there has been a marked shift in the amount of conflict and conflict between job protection and environmental protection, in the context of the challenges we face and the dynamic changes in this growth. Together we can create a future with a fulfilling life and a world of living.

At Greenpeace, we see the war of the future as another topic in an article written by these writers over the years. We are all continuous dreamers of the future, which is why we organize and be brave and stressed. That is the spirit of the struggle of the workers in history: Do not despair.

Rebuilded after the COVID-19 epidemic, we need this spirit more than ever.

We must, together, let go of this nonsense that promotes greed, profit and competition that could destroy us all. That is why, those who are convinced of the importance of protecting our global home should join hands in calling for change that we all need, while the people and the world are at the center of elections.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the editor of Al Jazeera.

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